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Experience top-notch customer service with our car rental company at Granada Airport. Explore the breathtaking Alhambra Palace and other Andalusian gems in a comfortable, reliable car. Your satisfaction is our priority - let us guide your journey.

Car Hire in Granada Airport

Discover the Magical City of Granada with Ease.

Granada airport parking rental cars

Granada, a city of unparalleled beauty and history, awaits your arrival. With its stunning Alhambra Palace, the enchanting Albayzín district, and the lively Sacromonte neighborhood, there is no shortage of excitement to be found in this Andalusian gem. The Granada Airport, located just 12 miles (19 km) from the city center, serves as a convenient gateway to your Granada adventure. Car hire at Granada Airport is the perfect way to begin your journey, allowing you the freedom to explore at your own pace.

Traveling by car in Granada is a convenient way to discover the city's hidden treasures. The well-maintained road network provides easy access to popular attractions, such as the Mirador de San Nicolás, offering breathtaking views of the Alhambra, or the picturesque Costa Tropical, located about an hour's drive from the city. Moreover, with a hire car, you can venture beyond the city limits to explore the stunning landscapes of the Sierra Nevada National Park, a haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Embarking on your Granada adventure with a car hire ensures a comfortable and flexible trip. Navigating the city's roads and traffic is relatively stress-free, and convenient parking options are available throughout the city. No matter your destination, a car hire from Granada Airport will make your journey through this captivating city an unforgettable experience. Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, history, and natural beauty of Granada.

Granada Airport Car Hire Information

Brief overview of Granada Airport (GRX)

Granada Airport, also known as Federico García Lorca Granada-Jaén Airport (GRX), is located approximately 15 kilometers from the city center of Granada, Spain. Serving both domestic and international flights, this airport provides convenient access to the beautiful region of Andalusia.

Hiring a car at Granada Airport is an excellent choice for travelers who wish to explore the city and surrounding areas at their own pace. A reliable car hire service allows visitors to enjoy the flexibility and convenience of having a personal vehicle during their stay.

Location and Accessibility

To reach the car hire area from the airport terminals, simply follow the clearly marked signs and walkways. The car hire offices are located within a short walking distance from both the domestic and international terminals, ensuring a hassle-free transition from your flight to your hire car.

Car hire Options

A. Types of vehicles available for hire:

  1. Economy and compact cars: Perfect for solo travelers or couples, these fuel-efficient vehicles are ideal for navigating the narrow streets of Granada and finding parking in busy areas.
  2. Sedans and SUVs: Suitable for families and larger groups, these vehicles offer more space and comfort, making them great for longer trips and exploring the scenic Andalusian countryside.
  3. Luxury and sports cars: For those seeking a premium driving experience, our luxury and sports cars provide top-of-the-line features and performance, ensuring a memorable journey.
  4. Vans and minivans: Ideal for group outings, our vans and minivans offer ample seating and cargo space, allowing you to travel together with friends or family comfortably.

B. hire packages: 

  1. Short-term rentals: Whether you need a car for just a day or a few days, our short-term rental options provide flexibility and convenience for your travel plans.
  2. Long-term rentals: For extended stays or business trips, our long-term rental packages offer discounted rates and additional benefits to ensure a seamless experience throughout your time in Granada.
  3. Special offers and discounts: Check our website or contact our customer service team for current promotions and deals, including discounts for early bookings, seasonal offers, and loyalty program benefits.

Booking Process

A. Online reservation system:

Our user-friendly online booking platform makes it easy to reserve your car at Granada Airport in just a few clicks. Simply visit our website, enter your travel dates and desired vehicle type, and follow the step-by-step instructions to complete your reservation. You can also make any special requests or add additional services during the booking process.

B. Contact information for phone reservations:

If you prefer to book your car over the phone, our customer service representatives are happy to assist you. Call our dedicated reservation hotline, provide your travel details and preferences, and our team will help you secure the perfect vehicle for your trip to Granada.

C. Walk-in rentals and availability:

While we recommend booking your car in advance to ensure the best selection and rates, we also accommodate walk-in customers at our Granada Airport location. Please note that availability may be limited during peak travel seasons, so booking ahead is advised to guarantee your preferred vehicle type.



Granada City Centre – 2023-03-20. I've just returned from a fantastic trip to Granada, and I'm grateful for the car hire service at the airport. The car was in top condition, and the pricing was reasonable. Kudos to the team!


Granada Airport – 2023-03-18. Just hired a car from this company at Granada Airport, and I'm super impressed! The process was quick, and the staff was friendly. Great value for a student budget!


Granada Airport – 2023-02-21. I've hired cars from various companies, but this one at Granada Airport stands out. The staff was professional, and the vehicle was spotless. Fair pricing for a quality car!


Granada Airport – 2023-01-10. I was pleasantly surprised by the reasonable prices for car hires at Granada Airport. The staff was attentive, and the car was in great shape. Will use their services again.


Granada Airport – 2022-12-10. Hired a car for a family vacation in Granada. The airport location made it easy to pick up and drop off the vehicle. The staff was helpful, and the price was unbeatable. Highly recommended!

Exploring Granada by Car: A Comprehensive Guide

Make the Most of Your Granada Trip with a Hire Car.

How much does it cost to hire a car at Granada Airport?

The cost to hire a car at Granada Airport varies depending on the type of vehicle and rental company, but on average, prices start from around £18 per day for a small car.

What car model is the most in-demand for hire at Granada Airport?

The most in-demand car model at Granada Airport is typically a compact car, like a Ford Fiesta or Volkswagen Golf, due to their fuel efficiency and easy maneuverability.

Which car hire companies are recommended at Granada Airport?

Recommended car rental companies at Granada Airport include well-known brands like Avis, Europcar, Hertz, and Sixt.

Which car hire companies offer the most affordable prices at Granada Airport?

The most affordable companies at Granada Airport are usually local providers, but prices can vary, so it's essential to compare prices before booking.

What is the minimum age requirement to hire a car in Granada?

The minimum age requirement is typically 21 years old, with a valid driving license held for at least one year. Some companies may charge a young driver surcharge for drivers under 25 years old.

What are the most popular locations to hire a car in Granada?

Popular locations to hire a car in Granada include Granada Airport, Granada Train Station, and downtown Granada.

What is the best time of year to visit Granada?

The best time of the year to visit Granada if you're renting a car is during the spring (April to June) or fall (September to November). During these months, the weather is pleasant, tourist crowds are smaller, and there are various events such as the Granada International Jazz Festival in November.

Discover Granada with Car Hire

Embark on a memorable journey exploring Granada's top attractions with the convenience of car hire.

Granada Alhambra Albaicin

  1. Alhambra: Marvel at this stunning Moorish palace and fortress complex, a UNESCO World Heritage site, embodying the rich history of Islamic Spain.
  2. Generalife: Stroll through the beautiful gardens of this former summer palace, admiring the exquisite fountains, courtyards, and greenery.
  3. Albayzín: Wander the narrow, winding streets of this ancient Moorish quarter, a testament to Granada's multicultural past.
  4. Sacromonte: Explore the unique cave dwellings and experience authentic flamenco shows in this fascinating gypsy neighborhood.
  5. Cathedral of Granada: Visit this magnificent Renaissance masterpiece, the final resting place of Spanish monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella.
  6. Sierra Nevada National Park (car hire recommended): Drive through the breathtaking landscapes of this national park, home to Spain's highest peaks and numerous outdoor activities.
  7. Mirador de San Nicolás: Witness the unparalleled views of the Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada from this popular hilltop viewpoint.
  8. Costa Tropical (car hire recommended): Unwind at the beautiful beaches along Granada's coastline, offering a perfect combination of sun, sea, and sand.