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Experience the ease of car rental in Benalmadena with our exceptional customer service. Explore the beauty of the Costa del Sol, and drive to the stunning Paloma Park with confidence. Our approach focuses on understanding our clients' unique travel needs and providing a smooth, hassle-free rental process. Get ready to discover the gems of Benalmadena in comfort and style.

Car Rental in Benalmádena

An Intriguing Blend of Beaches, Culture, and History at Your Fingertips

City car on a hill overlooking lively Benalmadena

Benalmádena, a beautiful coastal town on the Costa del Sol, offers a blend of pristine beaches, vibrant local culture, and historical charm. Easy to explore by car, it boasts a variety of attractions that highlight its rich heritage. Don't miss a ride on the cable car to the summit of Mount Calamorro for panoramic views of the coastline.

A short drive away is Arroyo de la Miel, home to the Tivoli World amusement park. For architectural enthusiasts, the Buddhist Stupa, the largest in the Western world, is definitely worth visiting. Families will enjoy Selwo Marina, an innovative marine park with a focus on South American fauna, and the Butterfly Park, housing over 1,500 butterflies from around the world, is a true spectacle of color.

Heading southwest from Benalmádena, the city of Malaga is less than an hour´s drive and offers numerous cultural attractions including the Picasso Museum, the Carmen Thyssen Museum, and the historic Alcazaba. Around 20 minutes northwest is Mijas Pueblo, a traditional Andalusian white-washed village nestled in the mountains, an excellent spot for shopping and dining. Nature enthusiasts can explore the Sierra de las Nieves and enjoy hiking and bird-watching in this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Car Rental in Benalmádena

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Benalmádena?

Rental costs can vary depending on the car model and rental period. An economy class car can cost as little as EUR14 per day, while a luxury model can go up to EUR100 per day. These prices include insurance and VAT.

2. Which car model is most in demand for rental in Benalmádena?

Compact cars like the Volkswagen Polo or Ford Fiesta are popular due to their fuel efficiency and ease of parking - a valuable feature in a bustling coastal town like Benalmádena.

3. Where are the most popular places to rent a car in Benalmádena?

The most popular places to pick up a rental car are at the Malaga Airport and central locations in the city of Benalmádena.

4. Is there a 24-hour pickup and return service available?

Yes, our company offers a 24-hour pickup and return service for our customers' convenience.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

The minimum car rental period is typically 1 day. However, for certain special models or peak seasons, the minimum rental period may be longer.

6. How old do I need to be to rent a car in Benalmádena?

The minimum age to rent a car in Spain is 21, and drivers must have held their license for at least 1 year. Some higher category cars require drivers to be at least 25.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Benalmádena?

You'll need a valid driving license, ID or passport, and credit card. Non-EU license holders may also need an International Driving Permit.

8. What is the best time of the year to visit Benalmádena by car?

The best time to visit Benalmádena by car is from April to October when the weather is warm and there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy.

9. What are the main airports in Benalmádena?

Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport is the closest to Benalmádena, located about 12 km away.

10. Can I pick up the car in Benalmádena and return it in another city?

Yes, one-way rentals are available but may include an additional fee.

Car Rental Reviews


Benalmádena – 29-11-2023. Super convenient! Didn't think renting a car as a senior would be so easy. The price was fair and the car was super comfortable. Beautiful drive along the Costa del Sol. I also appreciate how the location was not far from the marina - handy for mooring my boat!


Benalmádena – 14-09-2023. Visited Benalmádena this summer and had a delightful journey. As a single mother, I appreciate good value for my money. The car rental service was budget-friendly, and the process was simple. I would recommend it for anyone looking for conveniency.


Benalmádena – 08-08-2023. As a business traveller, I frequently use car rentals. This Benalmádena service was timely and professional. I especially appreciated the proximity to the business district.


Benalmádena – 12-06-2023. Amazing customer service! The car was spotless, drove like a dream, and the rental cost was surprisingly low. Love that the location is walking distance from the Parque de la Paloma - perfect for our family picnics. Will definitely use again.


Benalmádena – 02-03-2023. Retired and living on a pension, price matters to me. Happy to have found an affordable service for occasions when I need a car. Appreciate the company's straightforward approach and no hidden costs scene.


Benalmádena – 08-12-2022. I had a great experience with this car hire service. As a frequent traveller to Benalmádena, their consistency in service and pricing is really appreciated. Their location is perfect, just a short stroll from my favourite tapas spots on Avenida Antonio Machado. Highly recommended!

Road Connections

Essential routes from Benalmádena

  1. Benalmádena - Málaga: A short 20 kilometers away, travel time around 30 minutes via the A-7 and MA-20. Known for good road conditions and scenic coastal views.
  2. Benalmádena - Marbella: Roughly 40 kilometers distance, 40 minutes driving time via the AP-7. Toll road, well-maintained, offering beautiful sea views.
  3. Benalmádena - Granada: A longer trip of approximately 130 kilometers, 1.5 hours on the A-7 and A-92. Roads are generally in good condition.
  4. Benalmádena - Ronda: Around 103 kilometers, about 1.5 hours of travel via the A-366. Expect winding mountain roads and stunning sceneries.
  5. Benalmádena - Seville: About 220 kilometers, roughly 2.5 hours via the AP-4. Mainly a highway, road condition is excellent, but note it´s a toll road.
  6. Benalmádena - Cordoba: Around 180 kilometers, approximately 2 hours of driving via the A-45. High-speed, well-maintained motorway.
  7. Benalmádena - Sierra Nevada: A distance of 190 kilometers, 2.5 hours on the A-92. Provides spectacular views of the mountains, but winter conditions can be challenging.

Driving in Benalmádena

Common Concerns & Guidelines

1. What side of the road do you drive on in Benalmádena?

In Benalmádena, as in all Spain, you drive on the right side of the road.

2. What's the speed limit in urban areas?

The speed limit in urban areas, including Benalmádena, is generally 50 km/h.

3. Are speed cameras common in Benalmádena?

Yes, there are several speed cameras in and around Benalmádena. Always respect the posted speed limit.

4. Does Benalmádena have toll roads?

While there aren't toll roads within Benalmádena, you'll find them on major highways in surrounding areas.

5. Do I need a specific driving license to drive in Benalmádena?

An EU/EFTA driving licence is enough. Non-EU citizens usually need an International Driving Permit.

6. Are the traffic regulations different in Benalmádena compared to the rest of Spain?

No, traffic laws are consistent across the entire country, including Benalmádena.

7. What are the parking regulations in Benalmádena?

In general, parking is prohibited where curbs are painted yellow or red. Blue zones indicate paid parking.

8. Are there any specific driving rules in Benalmádena?

There are no specific rules, but respecting speed limits, pedestrian crossings, and parking rules is essential.

9. How are the driving conditions in Benalmádena?

The roads are generally well-maintained, but can be narrow and winding in some areas.

10. What kind of driving license is required to drive a car rental in Benalmádena?

The same as for any car in Spain: an EU/EFTA license or an International Driving Permit for non-EU citizens.

11. Where can I find information on current traffic conditions in Benalmádena?

The DGT website provides realtime traffic information for all of Spain, including Benalmádena.

12. Are car rentals allowed to use HOV lanes in Spain?

Yes, as long as the required number of occupants (usually two or more) is met.

13. Is road signage in Benalmádena in English?

Most signages are universal, but explanations might be in Spanish. It's wise to know basic traffic vocabulary.

14. What are some safety tips for driving in Benalmádena?

Always wear your seatbelt, respect speed limits, and never use your phone while driving.

15. Do I need to carry any specific documents while driving in Benalmádena?

You should always have your driving license, car rental documents, and insurance information at hand.

Explore Benalmádena

Top 8 Attractions with Your Rental Car

  1. Colomares Castle: A modern edifice symbolizing Christopher Columbus' journey to America.
  2. Benalmádena Cable Car: Offers stunning panoramic views of Costa del Sol.
  3. Tivoli World: A famous amusement park ideal for family fun.
  4. Butterfly Park of Benalmádena: A tropical garden housing over 150 species of butterflies.
  5. Bil-Bil Castle: An Arabic-style monument known for its beautiful gardens and fountains.
  6. Sea Life Benalmádena: A fascinating marine park showcasing different species of marine life.
  7. Mariposario de Benalmádena: Europe's largest butterfly park situated in the heart of Costa del Sol.
  8. Benalmádena Stupa: The biggest Buddhist stupa in the western world.

Explore Andalusia

Best Roadtrip Routes from Benalmádena

  1. Benalmádena to Marbella: This 33 km drive offers a relaxing coastal route with stunning sea views, cute beachfront cafes and beautiful architecture in Marbella old town.
  2. Benalmádena to Ronda: A 91 km drive through the heart of Andalusia showcasing dramatic mountainous landscape filled with olive groves and the famous El Tajo gorge in Ronda.
  3. Benalmádena to Seville: This 215 km road trip showcases the diverse landscapes of Andalusia, leading you from coastal Benalmádena to the historic and vibrant city of Seville.
  4. Benalmádena to Granada: A 125 km route that offers impressive views and ends at the historic Alhambra palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site with breathtaking gardens.
  5. Benalmádena to Cádiz: A 215 km journey allows you to explore the breathtaking Costa de la Luz and the ancient city Cádiz, one of oldest cities of Western Europe.
  6. Benalmádena to Almería: A 220 km drive immerses you in the true sense of an Andalusian landscape, leading to the Mojácar beach and the Alcazaba fortress in Almería.
  7. Sierra Nevada Circuit from Benalmádena: A 290 km trip which includes Granada, Monachil and Alhama de Granada, allows for exploring a contrasting landscape of both Mediterranean and Sierra Nevada mountainous regions.