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Car Hire Malaga

If you are looking to jump in your car hire and get down to the coast of Spain, then Malaga in the Costa del Sol is a great place to begin. Getting there requires a short 8 km drive from Malaga Airport in your hire car. The beaches there are simply stunning, making it a great place to relax, but you won’t want to spend all your time soaking up the sun, as Malaga is home to countless great tourist attractions. This is the city that a lot of people use as the jumping off point when exploring all that Andalusia has to offer.

Malaga is home to a number of big landmarks, the most prominent of which may well be the Malaga Cathedral, a stunning piece of architecture that is yours to explore. The Basilica of Santa Maria and the Castillo de Gibralfaro are also amazing, with the latter providing some seriously amazing views. It can get hot in Malaga in the summer months, so getting indoors and out of the heat is always a good way to go, and the city is home to many great museums that help you do just that.

If you are a bit of a nature lover, there are plenty of parks where you can get out of your hire car and go for a leisurely stroll. The most stunning of these may well be the Cueva de Nerja, a cave system that needs to be seen to be believed. The other major cities in Andalusia are all within reach, so hire a car in Malaga and get on the road. Your next stop will be in Seville, which is a short 2-hour drive along the A-92 from Malaga.


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Car Hire Seville

While some prefer the sandy beaches of Malaga, others prefer the city of Seville, the capital of Andalusia, thanks to it’s central location in the region. Renting a car at he Seville Airport is a breeze, and it also helps you get around that much easier, with many major roads and highways spreading out for the center of Seville.

One of your first stops in the city is likely to be the Seville Cathedral, which is the largest in the world in terms of volume. There are no less that 80 different chapels contained within this mammoth structure, so be prepared to spend some time exploring. While you are there, you will also want to visit La Giralda, a bell tower that sits beside the Cathedral. It’s an odd structure, as ramps instead of stairs are used to get to the top.

The Plaza de Espana is a massive curved monument that sits beside a beautiful canal. This is another place that takes some real time to explore. If you are interested in the history and culture of Seville, you need to visit the Triana neighborhood across from the old city of Seville. A bullfighting ring can be found there, as can nods to the world of Flamenco dancing.

Before you jump in your car hire and head to other parts of Andalusia, be sure to sample the tapas foods that are on offer here. Your next stop will be Granada, which is just an hour and a half from Malaga along A-92 and about two and a half hours from Seville on the same highway.


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Car Hire Almeria

One of the most spectacular drives in Andalusia is the 2-hour jaunt in your hire car along the southern coast of Spain from Malaga to Almeria along the A-7. There are probably going to be plenty of stops for photo opportunities along the way, but make sure that you save space on your camera for the great shots that will be available to you when you reach Almeria. Of course, you can skip the long drive altogether, choosing instead to hire a car at Almeria Airport, which sits a mere 9 km east of the Almeria city center. One of the first things that will strike you once you get off the highway and into the heart of the city is the sheer amount of history that is attached to the city of Almeria. It is a city that has seen more than its fair share of war over the years, and that is reflected somewhat in the most popular tourist attractions you will see while there.

One of the first stops for history buffs visiting Almeria needs to be the air raid shelters, which are in remarkably good shape considering that they were used during two different wars. The Museum of Almeria offers all sorts of great insights into the history of the city and is a place where you can easily pass half a day or more.

While bullfighting is frowned upon in some parts of the world, there can be no denying that it is still a part of Spanish history. If you are up for it, the Plaza de Toros is where you can go to get close to the action. Perhaps a more relaxing way to spend an afternoon is with a spot of shopping at Los Ramblas. There are countless great little shops and eateries in this part of Almeria, as well as walking routes if you feel like leaving the hire car behind.


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Car Hire Granada

If you are flying directly into Granada Airport to start your Andalusia visit, you will only have a relatively short trip by hire car from the airport to the city center. We cannot stress enough the importance of a hire car in Granada, especially of you want to get out and explore the entire region. Yes, the train system in this part of the world is good, but why rely on a timetable when you can create your own? There are places in Granada where you are going to spend more time than a train schedule might allow.

One of those places is The Alhambra, which is actually more of a self-contained city than just a palace. It is a stunning piece of architecture that requires some time to be fully explored, so consider setting aside an entire day when you go there. If you are looking to cram in a couple of different sights on the same day, you can do that with the Granada Cathedral and the Royal Chapel, which essentially sit side by side.

When you go on vacation, there is always an expectation from friends and family that souvenirs will be coming back with you. In Granada, the Alcaiceria is the place to shop for those goodies. Back in ancient times, this was the location of the Grand Bazaar, but it has now been converted into a narrow alleyway with shops lining both sides. You can find just about anything under the sun in this wonderful little Granada shopping spot.

Our final stop in Andalusia is going to be Cordoba, which is a touch over 2 hours from Granada via the A-92 and A-45. It is also very close to both Malaga and Seville and is perhaps the most central of all the locations mentioned here, making it a good spot to set up base camp when exploring the region.