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Serving Asturias, our car rental company prioritizes customer experience. Our dedicated assistance ensures a smooth rental process, we cater to questions and concerns promptly. Visit unique Asturias destinations like the Picos de Europa mountains or the vibrant city of Gijón. Experience the distinct culture and breathtaking landscapes of Asturias with reliable, top-quality car service.

Car Rental in Asturias

Embark on a journey through Asturias´ natural and architectural wonders as you drive through picturesque landscapes and historical towns.

City car amidst Asturian hills, coastline, stone hórreo, wildflowers, butterflies, birds

Welcome to the robust and beauteous region of Asturias, Spain. Nestled between the Cantabrian Sea and the Picos de Europa mountain range, Asturias offers a unique blend of serene coasts, verdant landscapes, and rugged terrains. Known for its rich history and traditions, the region is also adorned with stunning medieval architecture and vibrant townscapes. Packing your bags for Asturias could mean gearing up for a myriad of experiences from cave explorations to hiking, surfing, and savoring the renowned Asturian cider.

Kickstarting your journey in Asturias with a car ride shouldn't be a dilemma considering the well-connected routes and the compact geography of the region. The tour might begin from Oviedo, the capital city boasting a blend of historical and modern experiences. Then, take the A-8 highway that stretches along the northern coast, leading to picturesque fishing villages like Llanes and Ribadesella.

Finally, gear up for breathtaking vistas as you drive through Picos de Europa. Picos de Europa National Park harbors an abundant variety of fauna and flora. The popular Lagos de Covadonga is not to be missed. Ending your journey in Cangas de Onís, the first capital of the Kingdom of Asturias, will be a perfect conclusion to your Asturian adventure.

Asturias Car Rentals

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does it cost to rent a car in Asturias?

The cost can significantly vary depending on the type of car you want to rent, the period of the year, and the duration of the rental, but generally, you can expect to find car rentals starting from around EUR20 per day for a compact car to EUR50 and above for a large, family-size vehicle or a luxury car.

2. What are the most popular car models for rent in Asturias?

The most popular cars for rent in Asturias are compact cars, as they offer easy maneuverability and are more fuel-efficient, making them ideal for the region's narrow city streets and winding mountain roads.

3. Where are the most popular places to rent a car in Asturias?

Most travelers choose to rent a car from one of the airports, such as the Asturias Airport. Other popular locations include Oviedo, Gijon, and Aviles.

4. Is there 24-hour pickup and dropoff service?

Yes, most car rental companies in Asturias offer 24-hour pickup and dropoff services for maximum convenience.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, the minimum rental period for most car companies in Asturias is 24 hours.

6. What is the minimum age required to rent a car in Asturias?

The minimum age to rent a car in Asturias is generally 21 years. However, drivers under the age of 25 may have to pay a young driver surcharge.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Asturias?

You'll need a valid driver's license, passport or another form of identification, and a credit card to rent a car in Asturias. Non-EU drivers may also need an International Driving Permit.

8. What is the best time of year to visit Asturias by car?

The best time to visit Asturias by car is from June to September when the weather is warmest and most stable. However, Asturias is beautiful all year round, just remember to drive carefully during the winter, especially in mountainous areas.

9. What are the main airports in Asturias?

Asturias has one main airport: Asturias Airport, which is well-served by both domestic and international flights.

10. Can I pick up the car in one city in Asturias and drop it off in another?

Yes, many rental companies allow one-way rentals. However, it's important to note that there may be an additional fee for this service.

Car Rental Reviews

Oliver Baines

Asturias – 19-12-2023. Though I had to bring my family for a quick vacation, I was concerned about the cost. To my surprise, the car rental rates here in Asturias were quite reasonable. We got a nice, comfortable car that made our drives around the beautiful region a memorable experience. I'd recommend their service for anyone looking for a good deal.

Holly Moses

Asturias – 01-11-2023. We rented a car from this company for our tour of the charming Asturias region. The booking process was straightforward, and their pricing is very transparent with no hidden charges. The car was in excellent condition and it really added to our wonderful holiday experience.

Mike Yew

Asturias – 22-10-2023. Having never visited Asturias, I was a bit anxious about the roads. The navigation system of the car we rented was very accurate and up-to-date, making our drives around Asturias very comfortable and stress-free. They offer competitive rates which is a bonus.

Linda Crawford

Asturias – 30-09-2023. I've been to Asturias multiple times. But this time, we rented a car from this company. The car was immaculate and ran smoothly. The rental costs were also reasonable, which is always a plus. A great choice for car rentals in Asturias in my opinion.

Benjamin Tao

Asturias – 07-08-2023. I had to visit Asturias for a business trip and needed a reliable car. The service here was efficient and professional. The car was in terrific condition and made my journey easier. The price was right as well. Will definitely use their service again.

Susanna Wyatt

Asturias – 12-07-2023. I visited Asturias with my friends and we rented a car from this company. The car was stylish and clean, and the process was hassle-free. We had a great time exploring the stunning Asturian landscapes in comfort. Also, the rental rates were quite affordable, so thumbs up!

Amazing Asturias

7 Top Cities

  1. Oviedo: The capital of Asturias, home to historic buildings and beautiful parks.
  2. Gijón: An ancient city known for its maritime heritage and vibrant cultural scene.
  3. Avilés: Famous for its stunning old town and cultural landmarks, such as Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre.
  4. Langreo: A city rich in industrial legacy, known for its mining activities.
  5. Mieres: Home to the University of Oviedo's School of Mining, Energy and Materials Engineering.
  6. Villaviciosa: Known as the apple capital of Spain, great cider is produced here.
  7. Llanes: A seaside town famous for its coastal paths, beaches and connection to the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona, where some car scenes were shot.

Asturias Road Connections

Guide for Car-Friendly Routes

  1. Oviedo - Gijón: A short, 27km journey on the A-66 with an approximate driving time of 30 minutes, featuring smooth road conditions and picturesque countryside views.
  2. Oviedo - Avilés: Marked by a distance of 26km, driving time of around 25 minutes, mainly on the A-66 and the smooth, well-maintained roads.
  3. Oviedo - Ribadesella: Covering a distance of 84km via the A-64 and A-8, it takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, the drive offers a contrasting landscape of mountains and coast.
  4. Oviedo - Cangas de Onís: An 80km journey, taking approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes on the AS-114, showcasing stunning views of the Picos de Europa.
  5. Gijón - Avilés: A swift, 25 minute drive over 21km on the A-8, a convenient route linking two bustling cities.
  6. Gijón - Ribadesella: A seaside journey of 75km, approximately 50 minutes via the A-8, offering scenic sea views throughout.
  7. Avilés - Cudillero: A short yet scenic 36km drive on the A-8 that will take approximately 30 minutes, giving you a peek into charming coastal towns.

Driving in Asturias

Frequently Asked Questions

1. On which side of the road should I drive in Asturias?

In Asturias, as in the rest of Spain, you should drive on the right-hand side of the road.

2. What is the speed limit on Asturias highways?

The general speed limit on Asturian highways is 120 km/h. However, it can vary depending on road conditions and it is indicated by road signs.

3. Can I drive in Asturias with a foreign driver's license?

Yes, people from EU countries can drive with their home country's driving license. Non-EU residents should have an International Driving Permit along with their valid driving license.

4. Are there any toll roads in Asturias?

Yes, there are a few toll roads in Asturias. It's always indicated when a toll must be paid, and the amount varies depending on the car, road, and distance travelled.

5. What should I know about speed radars in Asturias?

There are a significant number of speed radars in Asturias. Over-speeding fines can be hefty, so it's best to adhere to speed limits at all times.

6. Where can I find gas stations in Asturias?

Gas stations are relatively easy to find in Asturias. They are usually located in and around urban areas, as well as on the highways.

7. Are there any specific driving regulations in Asturias that I should be aware of?

Apart from adhering to the standard driving regulations applicable throughout Spain, there are no Asturias-specific driving regulations as such.

8. Is there a zero-tolerance policy on drink and drug driving in Asturias?

Yes, as throughout Spain, drinking and drug-driving laws are very strict. The legal alcohol limit is 0.05%, and for new drivers it's 0.03%.

9. What is the minimum driving age in Asturias?

The minimum driving age in Asturias, like the rest of Spain, is 18 years.

10. Is the use of fog lights regulated in Asturias?

Yes, the use of fog lights is regulated in Spain, including Asturias. Fog lights can only be used when visibility is seriously reduced.

11. What is the rule regarding child seats in cars in Asturias?

Children measuring less than 135 cm must travel in appropriate child restraint systems in the rear seats and can't travel in the front seat.

12. How are the road conditions in Asturias?

Road conditions in Asturias are generally good, but some mountainous areas may require careful driving, particularly in winter.

13. Are there specific rules for parking in Asturias?

Parking rules follow Spain's general city regulations. It is usually paid in the city centers and you must look for a blue zone. Also, cars cannot be parked where curbs are painted yellow.

14. Is car insurance mandatory in Asturias?

Yes, car insurance is mandatory in Asturias as is the case in the rest of Spain. It's actually illegal to drive without it.

15. Are there any specific environmental regulations concerning cars in Asturias?

Asturias follows European emission regulations. Diesel cars older than 2006 and petrol cars older than 2000 are banned from entering some areas during peak pollution times.

Discover Asturias

Top 8 Attractions in Asturias

  1. Picos de Europa National Park: Beautiful mountain range, perfect for hiking and nature lovers.
  2. Oviedo Cathedral: Majestic gothic cathedral with unique architecture situated in Oviedo.
  3. Covadonga´s Lakes and Sanctuary: Explore these serene lakes and the historic sanctuary nestled between them.
  4. Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias: A must-visit for art enthusiasts, located in Oviedo.
  5. Roman Thermal baths of Campo Valdés: Discover the Roman period baths in Gijón.
  6. La Laboral City of Culture: Asturias' artistic and cultural complex in Gijon.
  7. Cudillero Village: A picturesque fishing village with charming old houses.
  8. El Soplao Cave: Marvel at the spectacular geological formations in this unique cave.

Asturias Roadtrips

Drive and Discover Asturias

  1. The coastal Roadtrip: This route from Ribadesella to Llanes is a must-do of about 35 km. Discover the unspoiled beaches of Asturias and the charming coastal towns.
  2. The Picos de Europa Roadtrip: A 165 km round trip from Cangas de Onis to Covadonga and Potes. Enjoy stunning views and visit charming mountain villages.
  3. The Mining Valleys Roadtrip: Drive 90 km from Oviedo to Langreo and Mieres, immerse yourself in the industrial history of the region.
  4. The Cider Route: The 74 km route begins in Nava and ends in Villaviciosa. Visit cider houses and learn about the cider making process.
  5. The Bear's Path: Starting in Teverga, this route lasts about 88 km and goes through the Natural Park of Las Ubiñas-La Mesa, a haven for the Cantabrian brown bear.
  6. The Dinosaur Coast Roadtrip: A 60km journey that starts in Gijón and ends in Colunga, where you will find traces of the prehistoric inhabitants of Asturias along the coast.