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Car Rental in Mijas

Discover the beauty and allure of Mijas and surroundings by car

Elegant city car on cobblestone street, surrounded by vibrant Mijas scenery

Traveling to Mijas, on the southeastern coast of Spain, is like stepping back in time. This charming village, nestled on the hillsides of the Costa del Sol, stands as a beautiful reminder of old Andalusian culture. With its all-white houses, cobblestone streets, and iconic donkey taxis, Mijas offers a refreshing change of pace from the bustling cities. The drive to Mijas from Malaga or Marbella is in itself a delightful journey, presenting stunning views of the Mediterranean sea.

An approximate 30 min long car drive from Mijas, visitors can explore the city of Malaga, filled with rich history, delicious cuisine, and vibrant street life. Architectural enthusiasts can also head towards Ronda, located about a 1.5-hour drive from Mijas, offering breathtaking panorama with an impressive combination of tajo (cliffs) and old-town structures. Mijas is a perfect starting point for those who wish to explore the Andalusia region by car.

Among the local attractions within Mijas, the Mijas Auditorium often hosts numerous cultural events, including music concerts and ballet performances. Don't miss the historical Church of the Immaculate Conception, a significant religious site dating back to the 16th century. Lastly, a visit to Mijas isn't complete without a stroll along the coastal path, where one can soak in the impressive views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Car Rental in Mijas

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of renting a car in Mijas?

Prices can vary greatly for renting a car in Mijas, depending on the type of car, duration of rental and season. On average, you can expect to pay between EUR20 and EUR50 per day.

2. What type of car is most in-demand for rental in Mijas?

Compact and economy cars are often popular for visitors looking to traverse the steep, narrow streets typical of Mijas. The climate can be quite warm, so air conditioning is usually a preferred feature in rental cars.

3. Where are the most common places to rent a car in Mijas?

Most car rentals are located in the city center, near major hotels and tourist attractions. Some car rental companies offer pick-up and drop-off points at the Malaga Airport.

4. Is the pick-up and drop-off service available 24 hours?

Typically, car rental services operate during business hours. However, some larger franchised companies might offer a 24-hour service. Please check their website for specific details.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Most companies have a minimum rental period that ranges from one to three days.

6. How old do I have to be to rent a car in Mijas?

The minimum age to rent a car in Mijas is typically 21 or 23, but this can vary depending on the car rental company.

7. What documents do I need to bring to rent or drive a car in Mijas?

You will need a valid driving license, ID or passport, and a credit card to rent a car in Mijas.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Mijas by car?

The best time to visit Mijas by car is typically spring or fall when the weather is mild and there is less tourism.

9. What are the main airports in Mijas?

While there is no airport in Mijas itself, options nearby include the Malaga Airport and the Marbella Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in Mijas and return it in another city?

Yes, most car rental companies in Mijas offer a one-way rental service which allows you to return the car in a different city. However, an additional fee may be charged.

Car Rental Views


Mijas – 30-11-2023. This was my first experience renting a car, and I got to say it went better than expected. The car was clean, efficient, and reliable. The folks at the rental office were helpful and friendly, making the process breeze by. All in all, the pricing was reasonable and well worth it for the convenience of having our own transportation while visiting the stunning beauty of Mijas.


Mijas – 15-10-2023. I had a fantastic experience renting a car from this company during my trip to Mijas. The vehicle was top-notch, and the customer service can't be beat. Worth mentioning is the straightforward and reasonable pricing structure. Enjoyed the freedom of driving through the picturesque alleys of Mijas in their well-maintained car.


Mijas – 05-09-2023. I found their car rental service excellent. The car provided met all our needs and was a pleasure to drive in the beautiful region of Mijas. The staff was professional and courteous, and the process was efficient. It was all comparatively priced and I can surely recommend them to anyone planning a trip to Mijas.


Mijas – 20-07-2023. The service here was terrific! The car rental process was smooth and the staff was so friendly. The best part was, our chosen car was in excellent condition and served as a perfect companion to explore the charming Mijas. Let's not forget the competitive prices and the high-quality cars they offer!


Mijas – 12-06-2023. What an absolute joy it was to rent a car from these folks while in Mijas. Their car was clean, ran smoothly, and made our travel in the hilly terrains of Mijas much more manageable. They coupled this with their fantastic customer service and reasonable pricing. I had a really pleasant renting experience.


Mijas – 29-05-2023. This company provided a seamless experience for my recent car rental in Mijas. The car was comfortable and well-maintained, and the rental process was straightforward. Together with a reasonable price, they indeed offer top-tier service. It made our road trips through Mijas a memorable part of our vacation.

Road Connections from Mijas

Tourist-friendly Routes

  1. Mijas - Malaga: A 24-km journey along the A-7, taking approximately 30 minutes. Roads have high grade maintenance, offering comfortable travel.
  2. Mijas - Torremolinos: Covering 15 km along the A-7, typically taking 20 minutes. Roads are well-kept and scenic.
  3. Mijas - Fuengirola: Fairly short 6-km connection via A-387, around 15 minutes in duration. The road is in good condition with beautiful vistas on the route.
  4. Mijas - Marbella: Via A-7/E-15, covering around 33 km in approximately 40 minutes. The roads are in great condition and well-marked.
  5. Mijas - Ronda: Spanning about 84 km along the A-366, journey of nearly 1.5 hours with winding mountain roads offering stunning views.
  6. Mijas - Seville: 218-km journey via A-92, typically taking 2 hours 30 minutes. Excellent road conditions ensuring a smooth trip.
  7. Mijas - Granada: 119-km narrative on AP-7 and A-92, usually around 1 hour 40 minutes. Roads in excellent condition, with impressive views of the Sierra de Tejada.

Mijas Driving Guide

Driving in Spain FAQ

1. What is the driving age in Mijas and Spain?

The minimum age for driving in Spain is 18 years for cars and 16 years for motorcycles.

2. How can I obtain a driver's license in Spain?

Both EU and non-EU citizens need a valid driving license. The EU citizens can use their home country license, whereas non-EU citizens require an International Driving Permit.

3. What is the speed limit in Mijas?

The speed limit in Mijas, just like in the rest of Spain, is 50km/h in urban areas, 90km/h on regular roads, 100km/h on roads marked as 'expressways', and 120km/h on motorways.

4. Where are speed cameras located?

Speed cameras are generally located in areas with high accident rates, near schools or factories. However, they may also be used randomly on any type of road.

5. Are there many traffic jams in Mijas?

Mijas is a popular destination, especially in the summer. You may encounter traffic, particularly during peak hours and high season.

6. Do I have to pay tolls on Spanish highways?

Yes, some motorways in Spain require you to pay a toll. The fee can be paid at toll booths, or you can use the automated systems available.

7. What are the basic rules of driving in Mijas and Spain?

In Spain, drivers must keep to the right-hand side of the road. Overtaking is on the left. Also, the use of the car's horn in urban areas is restricted to emergency situations only.

8. What are the penalties for speeding in Spain?

Penalties for exceeding speed limits range from fines to license suspension, depending on the amount by which the limit is exceeded.

9. What to do in case of a road accident?

In case of a road accident, call the emergency services at 112. If anyone is injured, don't move them unless absolutely necessary.

10. How to understand road signs in Spain?

Spain adheres to international road sign conventions. Most signs are straightforward and use universal symbols.

11. Can I drive a car in Mijas with my home country license?

EU residents can use their home country license in Spain. However, non-EU residents require an International Driving Permit along with their valid home country license.

12. Can I use a hands-free device while driving?

Yes, using hands-free devices is allowed. However, manipulating them while driving is prohibited and can result in fines.

13. What are the common parking rules in Mijas?

In Mijas and throughout Spain, you need to pay to park in blue zones. White zones are free parking areas. Avoid parking in yellow zones as these are no-parking areas.

14. Can I turn right on red in Spain?

No, you can't turn right on red in Spain unless there's a specific sign allowing it.

15. How to handle roundabouts in Spain?

At roundabouts, those inside the roundabout have right of way. Indicate your exit well in advance and exit from the right lane.

Discover Mijas

Must-visit tourist attractions

  1. Mijas Pueblo: An enchanting white village with narrow cobbled streets and picturesque houses.
  2. Mirador de Mijas: Offers panoramic views of the Costa del Sol.
  3. Ermita de la Virgen de la Peña: An iconic chapel that provides fantastic views of the coast and hills.
  4. Muralla Gardens: Beautiful cliff-top gardens offering amazing sea views.
  5. Burro-Taxi: Unique donkey taxi ride experience through the village's picturesque streets.
  6. Mijas Water Park (Aquapark): Fun family attraction with water slides, wave pools and picnic areas.
  7. Bullring of Mijas: A historical bullring offering views into Spain's bullfighting tradition.
  8. Golf Courses: With over ten golf courses, Mijas is a popular destination for golfers.

Mijas Roadtrips

Discover Andalusia and beyond

  1. Mijas to Granada: A scenic 168km drive along the A-7 and A-92 that passes through the picturesque Sierra de Loja, leading to the historic city of Granada, famous for the Alhambra.
  2. Costa del Sol Drive: A beautiful 160km coastal route from Mijas to Estepona, following the AP-7 and A-7, with gorgeous beaches and charming seaside towns along the way.
  3. Mijas to Ronda: A stunning 108km journey through rugged mountains, winding roads and white villages. Highlights include the Guadalhorce valley and Sierra de las Nieves.
  4. The Andalusian White Villages Route: At 150km, this route goes from Mijas to Zahara de la Sierra, passing through quintessential Andalusian "pueblos blancos" like Istan and Benaoján.
  5. Route of the Sun and Wine: This 215km journey from Mijas to Jerez de la Frontera includes the Costa del Sol, exquisite wineries, and ends in the city famous for its sherry.
  6. Route of the Alpujarras : A 221km route from Mijas to the foothills of Sierra Nevada, passing through Mojacar and Velez before reaching the splendid landscapes of the Alpujarras.
  7. Mijas to Seville: This is a 241km drive along the A-7 and A-66, weaving through the Andalusian countryside, arriving in the vibrant city of Seville, renowned for its rich culture and architecture.