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Experience a seamless car rental service in Puerto Calero, where tourist hotspots like the famous marina invite exploration. Our superior customer service team is ready to accommodate all your needs, offering unique insights into this captivating region. Our dedication to quality customer support sets us apart, promising a journey to remember.

Car Rental in Puerto Calero

Experience the Majestic Marine Bliss of Puerto Calero, Spain

City car near palms and rocks with sunset and yachts

Delight yourself with the breathtaking beauty of Puerto Calero, one of Lanzarote's hidden gems. This high-end marina demonstrates a beautiful combination of modern infrastructure with traditional whitewashed buildings, portraying the perfect blend of local charm and luxury. A short car trip away from the capital, Arrecife, it offers an intimate, tranquil setting with impressive views across the ocean. The upscale area is renowned for its fantastic regattas, which visitors eagerly anticipate.

The marina provides an array of activities both for aquatic lovers and landscapes enthusiasts. Located right at the heart of the island, a brilliant road trip awaits within reach. Drive for 30 minutes and you can explore Timanfaya National Park, where the raw power of nature and the planetary landscapes will leave you awestruck. A little further, embark on the Wine Route to savour the island's wines at La Geria vineyards. You can also pop into César Manrique's vibrant works scattered throughout the island, showcasing Lanzarote's commitment to the sustainable and artistic development.

Puerto Calero boasts beautiful beaches and coves where visitors can relax under the sun or indulge in various water sports, from sailing to diving. The exceptional marine life makes for a unique scuba diving and snorkeling experience. As evening falls, take a leisurely walk along the promenade lined with upmarket boutiques and sleek yachts, ending the day in one of the excellent seafood restaurants offering dishes with the freshest local ingredients. So hop in your car and get ready for an incredible journey through Puerto Calero and around the island of Lanzarote.

Car Hire in Puerto Calero

Common Questions Answered

1. What´s the cost to hire a car in Puerto Calero?

The cost of car rental in Puerto Calero varies depending on the type of car, duration of hire, and the season. Prices can start from as low as 20EUR a day for basic cars during off-peak periods, with luxury and premium vehicles priced higher.

2. Which car model is the most popular for hire in Puerto Calero?

The most popular car models for hire in Puerto Calero are compact cars. These models are ideal for the area's narrow, winding roads and smaller parking spaces, while also providing ample comfort for trips to nearby attractions.

3. Where are the most popular places to hire a car in Puerto Calero?

The majority of people choose to hire cars directly from the Puerto Calero Airport upon arrival due to its convenience. There are also various car rental companies located within the city center.

4. Is there 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service?

Most car rental companies in Puerto Calero provide 24-hour pick-up and drop-off services, but be sure to check this when booking as it may vary between suppliers.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, the minimum rental period is typically 1 day. However, some companies offer hourly rates for shorter needs.

6. What´s the minimum age for hiring a car in Puerto Calero?

Generally, the minimum age requirement for car hire in Puerto Calero is 21. However, some car rental companies may charge an additional 'young driver fee' for drivers under 25.

7. What documents do I need to hire or drive a car in Puerto Calero?

You will need a valid driver's license, a passport (or ID if you are an EU citizen), and a credit card in the driver's name.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Puerto Calero by car?

The best time to visit Puerto Calero by car is between April and June, or from September to November, when the weather is mild, and the roads are less crowded.

9. What are the main airports in Puerto Calero?

The main airports near Puerto Calero are Lanzarote Airport (14 km away) and Fuerteventura Airport (58 km away).

10. Can I pick-up a car in Puerto Calero and drop it off in another city?

Yes, most companies allow for different pick-up and drop-off locations, but be aware this may command an additional fee.

Car Rental Reviews


Puerto Calero – 19-12-2023. I must say the car rental service in Puerto Calero was amazing. The process was smooth, pricing transparent, and the staff attentive. My family and I had the opportunity to explore the island's scenic routes in the comfortable and modern car provided. Certainly, I´d recommend them to anyone in need of a reliable vehicle.


Puerto Calero – 02-11-2023. As a first time visitor to Puerto Calero, I was taken aback by the charm of the coastal town. Fortunately, the car rental company assured our stay was pleasant. Terrific cars, excellent service and very reasonable pricing. The vehicle selection was broad, catering to our specific needs. I look forward to visiting the island again soon.


Puerto Calero – 10-09-2023. Despite my late booking, I was incredibly pleased with the quick, efficient service I received. The staff even recommended beautiful locations to visit in and around Puerto Calero. The car performed superbly in terms of comfort and fuel efficiency. I felt at ease knowing that if any issues cropped up, I could count on their responsive service.


Puerto Calero – 18-07-2023. Being an avid traveller, I have rented cars across the globe and this particular company left quite an impression. They delivered the car to my hotel, in perfect condition - freshly cleaned and with a full tank. The rental price was affordable, especially considering the outstanding service and quality of the car.


Puerto Calero – 03-05-2023. I had an outstanding experience with the car rental service in Puerto Calero. From booking to return, everything was streamlined and hassle-free. The car handled well, perfect for the winding roads of this picturesque island. Not to mention they offered a senior citizen discount, making this trip all the more affordable!


Puerto Calero – 12-03-2023. A top-notch car hire service in Puerto Calero! The team was professional, provided clear contract terms and the car was practically brand new. It was the perfect vehicle for our family vacation-roomy, clean and loaded with features. Plus, the rate was well suited for our budget. I'll be using them again in the future.

Road Connections

Travel Conveniently from Puerto Calero

  1. Puerto Calero - Arrecife: Driving distance of 15km taking approx 20 minutes via LZ-2. Well maintained roads offering scenic views.
  2. Puerto Calero - Puerto del Carmen: Only 5km away and less than 10 minutes drive by LZ-40. Fast and convenient connection.
  3. Puerto Calero - Playa Blanca: 22km distance via LZ-2 and LZ-703. Takes around 25 minutes. Roads are in good condition.
  4. Puerto Calero - Tias: 8km away, around 15 minutes drive through LZ-40 and LZ-505. Simple and fast route.
  5. Puerto Calero - Yaiza: 13km and approx 15 minutes drive via LZ-2. Beautiful landscape along the road trip.
  6. Puerto Calero - San Bartolomé: 19km away through LZ-2, around 20 minutes drive. Enjoy the peaceful farmland sceneries.
  7. Puerto Calero - Costa Teguise: Around 26km and a 30-minute drive via LZ-2 and LZ-1. Pleasurable drive along the coastline.

Driving in Puerto Calero

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the speed limit in Puerto Calero?

The general speed limit in urban areas of Puerto Calero, and the rest of the country, is usually 50 km/h. However, this varies for different roads, so it's wise to always pay attention to the road signs.

2. Are there any driving restrictions in Puerto Calero?

There are no specific driving restrictions in Puerto Calero, but the basic traffic rules and regulations of the country must be adhered to.

3. Do I need a special driving license to drive in Puerto Calero?

As long as you possess an international driving license, or a license from an EU country, you're allowed to drive in Puerto Calero and the rest of the country.

4. Are there many speed cameras in Puerto Calero?

Yes, speed cameras are quite common in Puerto Calero and throughout the country, and they serve to uphold the law and ensure road safety.

5. Does Puerto Calero have toll roads?

Yes, Puerto Calero, like other parts of the country, has toll roads. Plan your journey in advance to be aware of these roads and the required toll prices.

6. Are there any specific traffic rules I should be aware of?

Standard international traffic rules apply in Puerto Calero, including giving way to the right, and not using a mobile phone while driving. Pedestrian crossings, roundabouts, and junctions are all important traffic rules to follow.

7. Which side of the road should I drive on in Puerto Calero?

Like the rest of country, you should drive on the right side of the road in Puerto Calero.

8. Is there a lot of traffic in Puerto Calero?

The amount of traffic in Puerto Calero can vary depending on the time of day and the season. During peak hours and holiday seasons, roads can be considerably busier.

9. How do I interpret road signs in Puerto Calero?

Road signs in Puerto Calero are international and quite straightforward to understand. They're vital for directions, prohibitions, warnings, and information, and should always be respected.

10. Do I need to wear a seat belt in Puerto Calero?

Yes, it's mandatory for the driver and all passengers to wear seat belts while driving in Puerto Calero, and throughout the rest of the country.

11. Are there any regulations for overtaking?

Yes, overtaking in Puerto Calero must always be done on the left, and it's forbidden in curves, when visibility is low, or when approaching pedestrian crossings.

12. What should I know about parking?

Parking regulations in Puerto Calero are strict and fines are imposed for illegal parking. Always look for designated parking spots and venture into smaller parking structures when necessary.

13. Are car seats compulsory for children?

Yes, children must either be in a car seat or be wearing a seat belt, regardless of where they're sitting in the car.

14. Can I turn right on a red light?

No, turning right on a red light is not allowed unless signposted otherwise.

15. When are my headlights required?

Headlights are not only required during poor visibility and at night, but also compulsory in tunnels and similar shaded areas.

Puerto Calero Highlights

Top 8 Attractions around Puerto Calero

  1. Marina Puerto Calero: A stylish marina with a variety of shops, cafes, and restaurants.
  2. Whale and Dolphin Watching: An unforgettable experience observing these magnificent creatures.
  3. Timanfaya National Park: Breathtaking volcanic landscapes that are home to unique flora and fauna.
  4. Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park: An exciting animal park with various species and daily shows.
  5. Playa Chica: Best known for its calm waters for snorkeling and diving.
  6. Jardin de Cactus: Unique garden hosting hundreds of different cactus species.
  7. Museo Atlantico Underwater Museum: An astonishing underwater museum accessible by diving.
  8. Bodega La Geria: Wine-lovers should visit for wine tasting and vineyard tours.

Roadtrips from Puerto Calero

Explore awe-inspiring routes

  1. Timanfaya National Park: A 45 km route to the awe-inspiring, moon-like landscapes of Timanfaya. Take in the unique volcanic scenery on the way.
  2. Papagayo Beaches: A 32 km road trip to the stunning beaches of Papagayo. Pass through Playa Blanca and enjoy its beautiful sea-front promenade.
  3. Arrecife City: A convenient 20 km route brings you to historic Arrecife. Explore the vibrant local culture and historic castles.
  4. Jameos del Agua: A 58 km drive to the striking caves of Jameos del Agua, designed by César Manrique.
  5. Los Hervideros and Salinas de Janubio: A scenic 32 km coastal route that includes the wild beauty of Los Hervideros and the fascinating salt pans of Salinas de Janubio.
  6. The North Route: An extensive but rewarding 104 km road trip to the north of the island, with stops at Teguise, Haría and Mirador del Río viewpoint.