10 Things to Do in Almeria

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Almeria is known as Spain’s sun capital, since it’s right on the Mediterranean sea. It’s also full of beautiful and rural landscapes, making it the only real desert in Europe. You’ll definitely want to take up these 10 things to do in Almeria when you visit.

1. Visit La Alcazaba

La Alcazaba Almeria, things to do in almeria

First, take a trip to the largest Muslim castle in Europe. Spain may be a Catholic country now, but it has Islamic history and there are still remnants of that around some of the most beautiful cities. Visit Almeria’s La Alcazaba, built by Abd-ar-Rahman III in the 10th century.

2. See Almeria Cathedral

Almeria Cathedral

After visiting the beautiful Islamic monument, take a trip to the Catholic Almeria CathedralThe current building dates from the mid-16th century, after the 1522 earthquake destroyed everything but the foundations. There are beautiful high defensive walls, protecting from the North African Barbary pirate raids at the time of building.

3. See Museo Refugio de la Guerra Civil

museo refugio almeria

During the Spanish Civil War in 1936, Almeria developed a series of tunnels. They remains standing and you can now book a trip to take a walk through them. Learn the history of the Civil War and the use of the tunnels during the Second World War.

4. See Mini Hollywood

Mini Hollywood Almeria, things to do

Take a trip to Tabernas, also known as Mini Hollywood. This is perfect for all ages, with attractions everywhere to let you live out your dreams.

5. See Cabo de Gata

Cabo de Gata, almeria beaches

Relax in the natural park of Cabo de Gata. It’s one of the rockiest landscapes because of the volcanic activity over the years. You’ll also see a range of abandoned mining villages and beautiful, quite beaches for peace.

6. Learn the History at the Museum of Almeria

History at the Museum of Almeria

When you visit Almeria, make sure you learn the history at the museum. You’ll see the artifacts of the Romans, Moorish people, Phoenicians and more. There are findings from the Bronze and Copper ages, as well as bones from 5,000 years ago and pieces from recent history.

7. Visit the Central Market

Central Market Almeria

One must have thing on your list of things do to in Alermia is a trip to the Central Market. It’s been revamped in recent years, but still has all the local delicacies. People from all over the city come in to do their weekly shopping.

8. See Central Almeria

Once you’ve finished at the market, take a trip to the Central Market for your high-street shopping needs. You’ll see all your usual brands, along with local, independent buildings with the latest fashion and styles.

9. See Los Millares

Los Millares Almeria

Just a short drive away from Almeria is Los Millares, a prehistoric town still under excavation. The town dates back to 3,200 and 2,300 BC and is one of the most awe-inspiring locations in the Med.

10. Get the Real Tapas

casa puga almeria

Places all over the world say they sell tapas, but one of the things to do in Almeria is try the real stuff. Take a walk to Calle Jovellanos’ Puga, which has been around since 1870. You can get tapas from the bar for free when you get any type of drink. It will be one of the best things you taste when you visit Almeria.