10 Things to Do in Seville

plaza de espana seville, things to do


Are you planning to visit Seville? You want to make the most of your trip to anywhere in Spain for the history, beauty and culture. Here are the top 10 things to do in Seville to make your visit complete.

1. Start with the Cathedral

Seville Cathedral, things to do in seville

Seville Cathedral is the largest cathedral in the country and now a World Heritage site. Regardless of religion, you will not be disappointed with a visit here. There are still remnants of the mosque that used to stand in the area, especially if you look at the Court of the Orange Trees to the north.

2. Go to the Plaza de Espana

Plaza de España seville, things to do in seville spain

During the Ibero-American Esposition in 1929, the colossal Plaza de Espana was built. The beautiful plaza is filled with national figures and installations of Spanish provinces, colour, and buzz throughout the year.

3. Stay for Maria Luisa Park

Maria Luisa Park seville, what to do in seville

When you go to the Plaza de Espana, make your trip complete with Maria Luisa Park. It’s the largest space of greenery within Seville and dates back to the 1500s, although remodelled in 1911. You’ll be able to escape the buzz of the city, getting moments to relax when you visit Seville.

4. See the Real Alcazar

Real Alcazar in Seville, seville attractions

Another World Heritage site, the Alcalzar remains the home of the royal family in Spain. You can now take a trip inside and around the courtyards and gardens. Don’t forget to attend the Grutesco Gallery for the most picturesque moments.

5. Go to La Giralda

La Giralda seville, seville things to do

Gilalda is the bell tower next to Seville Cathedral and worth a trip to. There are still remnants of the Moorish base, despite its now Catholic focus. It’s also one of the most popular archeological exhibits in the city.

6. Go On a Riverside Walk

Riverside Walk Seville, seville spain points of interest

Take time to stretch your legs and see the beauty of the Guadalquivir. Start at Isabel Bridge and walk to the south, as if heading to Seville’s university. You’ll find plenty of people joining you on the good days. End at the Plaza de Toros, which was one of the popular bullfighting arenas.

7. Take in a Flamenco Show

Flamenco Show in Seville, things to see in seville

Flamenco dancers are everywhere in Spain. One of the things to do in Seville is to take in one of the shows. The Tablao El Arenal or the Museo del Baile are two of the best options when visiting. Don’t forget to book a tablao for dinner and a show.

8. See the Archeological Museum

Archeological Museum Seville, what to see in seville

If you love the archeology, you’ll want to go to the Archeological Museum when you visit Seville. There are exciting finds dating back to the Bronze Age, hoarded pieces of gold from the Moorish age, and artefacts from the Ibero-American Exposition.

9. Go to the Museum of Arts and Traditions

Museum of Arts and Traditions Seville, seville tourist attractions

Spain is full of culture and traditions. You’ll want to learn more by visiting the Museum of Arts and Traditions. There are elements from the Exposition and those dating back to the Moorish and Phonetician periods. One of the things to do in Seville here will be seeing the local barrel-making for sherry.

10. See the Holy Week Processions

Holy Week Processions in Seville, seville points of interest

Holy Week from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday is the time to visit Seville for the religious festivals. You’ll want to take in the Semana Santa, where you’ll see decorative floats portraying the weeping Virgin Mary and passion scenes. Maundy Thursday is the biggest day, where women will wear black and follow the procession until the morning.