10 Things to Do in Granada

Alhambra in Granada, what to do in granada


Granada is one of the most historic places in the whole of Spain. When you visit Granada, you want to take in the sights and experience that more than 700 years of history has to offer. Regardless of religion, interests, and age, there is something for all. Here are the top 10 things to do in Granada to make the most of your vacation.

1. The Alhambra

Alhambra Granada, things to do in granada

Start with the beautiful Alhambra, which is a castle, palace, and summer retreat rolled into one. Dating back to the Moorish period, it became the home of the Nasrids and then later the Catholic Monarchs, Isabelle I of Castiel and Ferdinand II of Aragon. You’ll want to make sure you book in advance, as tickets sell out extremely quickly.

2. Visit Albayzin

Albayzin, things to do in granada spain

Take a trip to the Arab quarter of Granada, which is now a UNESCO heritage site. This is where the Moorish population settled and wanted to remain, but were eventually expelled. You’ll see churches that were once mosques, along with tight alleys and beautiful white-painted townhouses making you feel like you’re in the past.

3. See the Granada Cathedral

Granada Cathedral

While once a Muslim country, Spain is now Roman Catholic and the Granada Cathedral is a must-see. It’s the second-largest cathedral in Spain and includes many renaissance work both inside and out. Even if you’re not religious, take a trip to see the beautiful architecture and styles of Diego de Siloe.

4. Don’t Forget Sacromonte

Sacromonte Granada

When you visit Granada, you’ll likely see the Alhambra. While there, take in Sacromonte, a traditional neighbourhood. The area became one of the gypsy communities in the area after the Catholics took over. It’s a beautiful area where no two houses are alike, due to the difficult terrain to build on.

5. See the Charterhouse

Charterhouse Granada

One of the things to do in Granada has to be a visit to the Charterhouse just north of Albayzin. You can take a 20-minute walk through the alleys and see construction that dates back to the 1500s. Visitors are awestruck at the beauty of the individual buildings.

6. The Banuelo

Bañuelo Granada, what to do in granada

Take a trip to the Banuelo, one of the only remain baths in Spain. Most were destroyed as they were viewed as something similar to brothels. However, they are gorgeous settings with Romanesque reminders and vintage styles.

7. See the Science Park

Science Park granada

Have people interested in the science? The Science Park is for you. It will give you a chance to escape the history, as you journey into the human body and learn more about the Islamic scientist findings. Don’t miss the Planetarium, showing you more than 7,000 of the universe’s stars.

8. Carrera del Darro

Carrera del Darro, what to see in granada

Don’t forget about the area beneath Albayzin’s district when you visit Granada. Take a trip down the River Darro to the old city walls. This is one of the most romantic walks for couples, perfect for newlyweds.

9. Plaza de San Nicolas

San Nicolas square, Granada

Just a top of the Albayzin district is San Nicolas church. It’s also the home of the plaza, offering the most beautiful view of the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada peaks. This is your perfect photo opportunity during your trip.

10. Enjoy a Bite of Tapas

Tapas in Granada

Finally, take in the local delicacy tapas. You can walk into any bar at lunch time and in the evening to sample the amazing tapas, usually for free when you order an alcoholic drink! This will be definitely the way to finish your days.