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Our car rental service in sunny Alicante guarantees an exceptional customer experience. Journey through the picturesque regions of Costa Blanca with our well-maintained cars and friendly service. Our customer support team is always ready to ensure your trips to the historic Castle of Santa Barbara or the tranquil island of Tabarca are seamless and hassle-free.

Car Rental in Alicante

Explore the beauty, history, and culture of Alicante and beyond

City car under palm trees near Santa Maria Basilica

Alicante, located on the stunning southeastern coast of Spain, is a hub of culture, history, and Mediterranean beauty. Known for its sun-soaked beaches, azure waters, and vibrant nightlife, Alicante is a treasure trove of attractions for all types of travelers. The city's rich history paints an vivid picture of many past civilizations, from the ancient Romans to more recent centuries, all leaving an indelible mark on the city's architecture and customs. Particularly notable is Santa Barbara Castle, perched high above Alicante and providing incredible panoramic views of the city and its surrounding landscape.

For those interested in natural beauty, the Canelobre Caves are a must-see and are only a short car drive away from Alicante. These caves are one of the most beautiful and impressive cave systems in Spain, with stunning stalactite and stalagmite formations. Furthermore, the city offers direct access via car to a plethora of charming coastal towns and pristine beaches along the Costa Blanca. These locations are all within a 2-hour drive, allowing visitors to experience the diversity and beauty of this region.

In addition to its natural and historical attractions, Alicante is also home to an array of modern amenities and attractions. Among these, Alicante's Marina stands out, being a popular hub for dining and leisure, boasting a plethora of high-end restaurants, cafes, and shops, all complemented by impressive views of sleek yachts and the blue Mediterranean. No trip to Alicante would be complete without sampling some local cuisines, especially the iconic paella, accompanied by a glass of Alicante's renowned wines.

Car Rental in Alicante

Common Questions Answered

1. What is the cost of renting a car in Alicante?

Renting a car in Alicante starts from 20 Euros per day for a basic car type. The price can vary depending on the car model, time of the year and the rental duration.

2. What model of car is most rented in Alicante?

The most in-demand car model in Alicante is normally a compact car like the Ford Fiesta because it's fuel-efficient, perfect for city drive and also, it's suitable for the narrow street in the old town of Alicante.

3. What are the popular locations to rent a car in Alicante?

The most popular locations to rent a car in Alicante usually are the Alicante Airport and downtown Alicante. Other popular locations include Benidorm and Calpe.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service?

Yes, most car rental companies in Alicante offer 24-hour pick-up and drop-off services. However, it's always better to confirm before finalizing the booking.

5. What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is usually 24 hours. However, some companies may offer flexibility depending on availability and season.

6. What is the minimum age required to rent a car in Alicante?

The minimum age to rent a car in Alicante is usually 21 years, but in some cases, it could be 23 or 25 years. It's always essential to check this information on the car rental company's website.

7. What documents are needed to rent a car in Alicante?

You will need a valid driving license, passport or ID card, and a credit card in the name of the main driver. Residents outside the EU may require an International Driving Permit.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Alicante by car?

The best time to visit Alicante by car is from April to June or from September to November when the weather is pleasant and the city is less crowded.

9. What are the main airports in Alicante?

The main airport is Alicante-Elche Airport. There´s also another airport in Valencia, Valencia Airport, located about 150 km north from Alicante.

10. Can I pick up the car in Alicante and drop it off in another city?

Yes, most of the car rental companies offer one-way rentals, subject to a fee. But it´s always recommended to confirm this with the car rental company.

Car Rental Reviews


Alicante – 19-12-2023. Living up to its reputation, this car rental company certainly didn't disappoint. I was in Alicante for a business trip, and the convenience of their services was unmatched. The car was practically new, very clean and in optimum shape. I was offered a reasonable price as well. It sweetens up the experience in the vibrant city of Alicante. Highly recommend!


Alicante – 15-11-2023. Customer service at its finest! I was nervous about renting a car abroad but the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. They took the time to walk me through the overall process and ensured I felt comfortable with the car I was renting. The car handled beautifully while driving through the charming streets of Alicante. Price was on-point too. Great service!


Alicante – 06-10-2023. Being a senior citizen, I appreciate good service and good value. And let me tell you, this car rental company provides both. The whole process was smooth and worry-free. I was given a well-maintained car and it just made my trip to the magnificent Alicante even more enjoyable. Cheers to a wonderful business with a heart!


Alicante – 27-07-2023. Reliable and affordable! I can´t emphasize enough how much I enjoyed renting from this company. The car was in top condition and was perfect for the Alicante climate. And the price? Really reasonable! Perfect for my backpacking adventure. I surely won't forget driving by the Costa Blanca. Five stars for this excellent service!


Alicante – 15-06-2023. From Berlin to Alicante, renting a car has never been this easy. Their services were reliable, their staff professional, and the car itself was in pristine condition. Not to mention, the price was a real deal. I have nothing but praises for this car rental. It absolutely made my Alicante journey a breeze. Thumbs up!


Alicante – 07-05-2023. Hands down the best car rental in Alicante! They had excellent customer service, a wide range of good quality cars, and very reasonable rates. It was total value for money. Cruising down the Alicante streets in their car was indeed a top-notch experience. Well done!

Road Connections From Alicante

Convenient Road Trips for Tourists

  1. Alicante - Valencia: It is approximately 166 kilometers and a 1.8 hours drive on the AP-7, and the condition of the highway is excellent for sightseeing.
  2. Alicante - Madrid: The distance is around 421 kilometers via A-31 and can take up to 4 hours, road conditions are generally good, with some occasional traffic near Madrid.
  3. Alicante - Murcia: At about 70 kilometers and roughly one hour of travel via A-7. The roads are well-maintained and offers a scenic view.
  4. Alicante - Benidorm: A quick 45 kilometers and around 0.5-hour drive along AP-7, bring an opportunity to explore Spain's coastal beauty.
  5. Alicante - Barcelona: It is roughly a 525-kilometer journey via AP-7, and travelers should allocate approximately 5 hours. The highway is in good condition, offering scenic views along the coastline.
  6. Alicante - Granada: It's around 330 kilometers and can take up to 3.3 hours on A-92, roads are well-maintained, offering picturesque view of inland Spain.
  7. Alicante - Seville: Journey is about 600 kilometers and 6-hour drive on A-4 and AP-4, roads are in good condition, but expect toll costs.

Alicante's Top Sights

Ideal for Car Travelers

  1. Santa Barbara Castle: A landmark fortress offering panoramic views of Alicante city and coast.
  2. Explanada de España: Alicante's lively waterfront promenade, perfect for strolling and dining.
  3. Canelobre Caves: Stunning natural caves just a short car drive from Alicante city.
  4. Guadalest Valley: A picturesque mountain-top village offering stunning scenery.
  5. Palm Grove of Elche: A UNESCO World Heritage site, home to thousands of palm trees.
  6. Tabarca Island: Accessible by ferry, offers beach relaxation and nature exploration.
  7. Museum of Contemporary Art: Showcasing Alicante's modern cultural side.
  8. Rio Safari Elche: A great day trip for families, home to a variety of animals.

Scenic Alicante Roadtrips

Exploring Spain by car

  1. Ruta Costa Blanca (100 km): A seaside drive along the stunning Costa Blanca, taking you to popular destinations like Benidorm, Denia and Altea.
  2. Trip to Valencia (168 km): A historical journey to the city of Valencia, where you can explore the city's unique architecture and culture.
  3. Drive to Granada (330 km): A longer drive, heading into the heart of Spain towards the historic city of Granada, home to the famed Alhambra.
  4. Journey to Murcia (80 km): An easy road trip south to Murcia, a city known for its beautiful cathedral and excellent regional cuisine.
  5. Adventure to Albacete (158 km): A central Spain tour towards Albacete, with its ancient local history and intriguing museums.
  6. Expedition to Almería (316 km): A southern route with spectacular views along the way before reaching Almería with its Alcazaba fortress and natural park.
  7. Trip to Madrid (420 km): The longest drive, heading into Spain´s vibrant capital city Madrid, filled with art, culture, and history.


Driving in Alicante

Common Concerns and Guidelines

1. What is the general speed limit in Alicante?

The general speed limit for vehicles in Alicante, like in the rest of Spain, is 50 km/h in urban areas, 90 km/h on conventional roads, and 120 km/h on highways and expressways.

2. Is an international driving license required to drive in Alicante?

A driver's license issued in any member state of the European Union is accepted in Alicante. Non-EU residents should check if a valid international driving license is required.

3. Are there any particular driving rules in Alicante?

Driving laws in Alicante are no different from the rest of the country. Just like in any other city in Spain, drivers must adhere to the regulations indicated by road signs and signals.

4. Where should I look for information about road tolls?

Not all Spanish highways charge tolls, some are free of charge. Details about toll roads and respective rates can be found in websites such as Autopistas.

5. How are speed limits enforced in Alicante?

Speed limits are strictly enforced with the help of speed cameras and traffic police officers. Violations can result in on-the-spot fines.

6. What side of the road should you drive on in Alicante?

Just like in the rest of the country, you should drive on the right side of the road in Alicante.

7. Can foreigners get a Spanish driving license?

Foreign residents living in Spain for more than six months are required to get a Spanish driving license.

8. Are there any special road signs in Alicante?

Road signs in Alicante follow the same pattern as the rest of Spain. Knowledge of basic European traffic signs and signals is sufficient.

9. What happens if one violates traffic rules?

Infringement of traffic rules can result in fines, points deduction from the license or even its cancellation, depending on the severity of the offence.

10. How can I pay traffic violation fines?

Traffic violation fines can be usually paid online, at local police stations or other designated places, often with early payment discounts.

11. Is car parking regulated in Alicante?

Yes, like in most Spanish cities, car parking is regulated in Alicante. It is engouraged to look for designated parking areas.

12. Are radar detectors allowed?

No, such devices that detect or jam police radars are strictly forbidden in Spain. Violations can result in heavy fines.

13. How do I interpret Spanish road signs?

Spanish road signs follow the international conventions and should be quite intuitive to understand. Yet, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with them while planning your drive.

14. What is the rule for roundabouts in Alicante?

Within roundabouts, cars on the inner lanes always have the right of way. If exiting, you need to signal and move onto the outer lane in advance minding the traffic.

15. What to do in case of a car accident?

In case of a car accident, it's important to alert the police and your car rental company. Also, Spain has a specific accident report form ('parte amistoso de accidente') that is advisable to fill out in such situation.