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Car Rental in Lanzarote

Exploring an Ancient Volcanic Island Home to Natural Wonders and Architectural Masterpieces

City car near Lanzarote's black beach, windmill, and birds

Welcome to Lanzarote, a volcanic island in the Canary archipelago, belonging to Spain. Known for its year-round warm weather, unique landscapes and architecture, it has the power to captivate the traveller at first glance. The island is home to Timanfaya National Park, a veritable lunar landscape with more than 100 volcanoes as well as vineyards in La Geria, where grapes grow in volcanic ash.

Exploring Lanzarote by car is undoubtedly recommended, you can drive around the entire island in just a few hours. The distance from north to south in Lanzarote is roughly 60km, giving you plenty of opportunities to visit enchanting places such as Jameos del Agua and Cueva de los Verdes, two stunning natural wonders created by volcanic activity.

In addition, the artist and architect César Manrique left a significant footprint on Lanzarote turning the island into an art space where nature and buildings merge harmoniously. His unique architectural works, such as his own Foundation and Mirador del Río, are an essential part of the visit to Lanzarote. Still, beauty in Lanzarote is not just about its volcanic landscapes and architecture but also its charming white villages, such as Haría, Teguise or Yaiza, and its pristine beaches, notably Playa Papagayo and Playa de Famara.

Lanzarote Car Rental

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Lanzarote?

Car rental prices in Lanzarote can vary significantly based on factors such as the car model, rental duration, and time of the year. On average, you can expect to pay between 20 to 60 euros a day.

2. What car model is highly in demand for rental in Lanzarote?

Compact models are often the most popular for car rental in Lanzarote due to their suitability for the island's narrow and winding roads. They are not only fuel-efficient, but also easier to park and maneuver around the picturesque areas of the island.

3. What are the popular locations to rent a car in Lanzarote?

Some of the most popular places to rent a car in Lanzarote are the island's main airport, Aeropuerto de Lanzarote, and in main cities like Arrecife and Puerto del Carmen.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service?

Yes, most car rental companies in Lanzarote have a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service, especially at the airport location. However, it's advisable to confirm this with the rental company before planning your schedule.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period typically varies from one day to a week, depending on the rental company's policy. Be sure to check this information when making your booking.

6. What is the minimum age requirement for renting a car in Lanzarote?

Usually, the minimum age to rent a car in Lanzarote is 21 years old, but some rental companies may require drivers to be at least 23. An additional fee may be charged to drivers under 25.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Lanzarote?

To rent a car in Lanzarote, you will need a valid driving license, passport or ID card, and a credit card. Non-EU license holders may also require an International Driving Permit.

8. What is the best time of year to visit Lanzarote by car?

With its mild climate, Lanzarote can be visited any time of the year. However, driving can be most enjoyable between September and March, when the island is less crowded, and the temperatures are cooler.

9. What are the main airports in Lanzarote?

Lanzarote has one main airport, Aeropuerto de Lanzarote, located in San Bartolomé, Las Palmas, which serves international and local flights.

10. Can I pick up the car in one city in Lanzarote and drop it off in another?

Most car rental companies in Lanzarote allow one-way rentals, which means you can pick up the car in one location and drop it off in another. This is subject to the company's policy and may incur additional fees.

Car Rental Reviews


Lanzarote – 19-12-2023. As a retired professor, it was essential for me to find a good deal and I'm so impressed with the value I got at this car rental company. They provided a top-notch car and great directions for all the places I wanted to explore in Lanzarote. Truly brilliant service.


Lanzarote – 12-11-2023. Exceptional service! I'm a busy mom and they had everything ready for me. Quick, easy, and the car was in outstanding condition. Price was great too. Perfect for our family trip to the Cueva de los Verdes in Lanzarote. I highly recommend them!


Lanzarote – 25-09-2023. I rented a car from this company during my business trip. It was a simple process with no frills, exactly what I needed. The price was fair and the car was sturdy. Overall, I was pleased with this service.


Lanzarote – 15-08-2023. We had a flawless experience with this car rental company at Lanzarote. The employees were helpful, car quality was great and the price didn't burn a hole in our pocket. Do visit the Timanfaya National Park, the car handled the terrain really well!


Lanzarote – 30-06-2023. As an avid adventure lover, the climb to the top of Mount Roja was exhilarating! This was made possible by the mint condition car that I rented from this service at a good price. Effective and reliable, just the way I prefer it!


Lanzarote – 02-05-2023. Rented a car for a week-long visit to Lanzarote. The car was clean, ran smoothly, and was reasonably priced. Plus, they recommended some great local spots in Lanzarote to visit. I couldn't ask for a better experience!

Lanzarote Cities

Seven Most Important Lanzarote Cities

  1. Arrecife: Capital of Lanzarote, known for its vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches.
  2. Teguise: Historical former capital, famous for its traditional architecture and Sunday market.
  3. San Bartolomé: Heart of Lanzarote, surrounded by vineyards, also has the island's biggest car dealership.
  4. Tías: Renowned for the breathtaking views from its hills and its charming old town.
  5. Haría: Known for its lush palm groves and the artisanship of its inhabitants.
  6. Tinajo: Famed for its stunning natural parks and traditional Canarian cuisine.
  7. Yaiza: Home to Lanzarote's most scenic and pristine beaches, also considered one of Spain's prettiest towns.

Lanzarote Road Connections

Exploring Lanzarote by Car

  1. Arrecife - Teguise: A 20-minute drive, covering a distance of roughly 15km, predominantly on LZ-10 which is in good condition.
  2. Arrecife - Timanfaya National Park: Approximately 34 km and 40 minutes via LZ-30 and LZ-67, roads are comfortable and offer stunning volcanic views.
  3. Arrecife - Playa Blanca: It's a straightforward 37km drive lasting about 40 minutes mainly on LZ-2, roads are busy yet wide and well-maintained.
  4. Arrecife - Puerto del Carmen: This short 14 km trip on LZ-2 usually takes about 15 minutes, roads are generally congested but in decent condition.
  5. Arrecife - Costa Teguise: Just a quick 8 km and 15 minutes away on LZ-14, expect smooth traffic and good road conditions.
  6. Arrecife - Orzola: Driving 32 km north, it takes about 40 minutes by LZ-1, the journey consists of beachside views and clear traffic.
  7. Arrecife - Yaiza: A 28 km trip lasting 30 minutes on LZ-2 and LZ-30, the roads are mostly clear and offer scenic views of the island's southern part.

Explore Lanzarote

Top 8 attractions for car tourists

  1. Timanfaya National Park: Experience moon-like landscapes and geothermal demonstrations.
  2. Cueva de los Verdes: Discover this intriguing lava tube and underground concert hall.
  3. Jameos del Agua: Explore this complex featuring a natural concert hall, pool, and restaurant.
  4. Playa Blanca: Enjoy its crystal-clear waters, golden sand and fantastic restaurants.
  5. Mirador del Rio: Offers breathtaking views of the area from a unique perspective.
  6. Jardin de Cactus: See hundreds of different cactus types in this beautiful garden.
  7. Fundacion Cesar Manrique: Learn about the celebrated local artist at his former home.
  8. Playa Papagayo: Visit this natural and quiet beach with its stunning turquoise water.

Lanzarote Roadtrips

Unforgettable Car Journeys

  1. Timanfaya National Park Route: Starting from Arrecife, head southwest towards Yaiza to reach Timanfaya National Park. This 50km drive offers breath-taking volcanic landscapes.
  2. Northern Route: Begin at Costa Teguise, heading to Haría through the scenic route of Los Valles. This 70km journey explores northern Lanzarote´s charming villages and beaches.
  3. Eastern Coastline: Begin at Playa Blanca and drive north until arriving at Orzola. This 80km drive showcases amazing beaches and spectacular cliff views.
  4. La Geria Wine Road: Starting in Uga, drive through La Geria to San Bartolomé. This 20km route is surrounded by unique vineyards and wineries.
  5. South to North Route: Start in Playa Blanca, heading north to Orzola. This lengthy 70km route covers the entire length of the island, passing through Timanfaya, San Bartolome, Famara and Haría.
  6. Central Plateau Tour: Starting from San Bartolomé, head to Teguise through the monument of Campesino. This central 40km route provides panoramic island views.
  7. Western Wild Coast: Begin in Tinajo, drive through La Santa and reach El Golfo. This 30km drive unveils the wildest and most natural side of Lanzarote.


Lanzarote Driving FAQ

Common Concerns and Clarifications

1. What is the general speed limit in Lanzarote?

The maximum speed limit is usually 120 km/h on motorways, 90-100 km/h on main roads and 50 km/h in urban areas, unless otherwise signposted.

2. Where can I find petrol stations in Lanzarote?

There are several petrol stations scattered across the island, usually open from early morning until late in the evening, with many offering 24-hour self-service.

3. Are there any driving license requirements for visitors?

Drivers from EU/EEA countries can use their home license, while those from outside the EU will typically require an International Driving Permit along with their home license.

4. Is there a presence of speed cameras on Lanzarote?

Yes, there are speed cameras in operation on many roads in Lanzarote, so it is important to adhere to speed limits at all times.

5. Do I need to pay any tolls while driving in Lanzarote?

No, there are no toll roads in Lanzarote.

6. Which side of the road should I drive on in Lanzarote?

In Lanzarote, as in all of Spain, you should drive on the right-hand side of the road.

7. What are some important driving rules in Lanzarote?

Seat belts must be worn by all passengers at all times. Children under 12 should not sit in the front seat. Use of hand-held mobile phones while driving is prohibited.

8. Are road conditions in Lanzarote good?

Yes, Lanzarote's roads are generally well-maintained and in good condition. However, some rural roads can be narrow or have sharp bends, so use caution.

9. Should I carry any specific documents while driving?

You should always carry your driving license, car rental agreement, and ID (passport) while driving in Lanzarote.

10. Are there any special traffic regulations for roundabouts in Lanzarote?

At roundabouts, vehicles already on the roundabout have right of way.

11. Are there any specific parking rules?

No parking is allowed where curbs are painted yellow. Blue zones indicate pay parking areas Monday to Friday.

12. Is driving in Lanzarote different than mainland Spain?

The driving rules in Lanzarote, including speed limits and road signs, are same as mainland Spain.

13. What happens if my car breaks down?

If your rental car breaks down, contact your rental company immediately. Most provide roadside assistance.

14. Are there any restrictions on driving in the Timanfaya National Park?

Individual car driving is not allowed in Timanfaya National Park. Visitors must take the park's own buses.

15. What do I need to know about driving at night?

Driving at night is generally safe in Lanzarote, however, it is recommended to drive more cautiously and stick to well-lit areas whenever possible.