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Experience unbeatable customer service with our car rental in Orihuela. Our attentive team ensures a hassle-free process, tailored to your needs. Explore the richness of this region, from its historical Palm Grove to the captivating Orihuela Cathedral. Our commitment includes providing quality vehicles and dedicated support, ensuring an unforgettable journey in this unique destination.

Car Rental in Orihuela

Exploring Orihuela and Its Surroundings By Car

City car among Orihuela´s landmarks and market scenery

Welcome to Orihuela, a historic city in the province of Alicante, Spain. Known for its rich cultural heritage, Orihuela is a place where you can experience the essence of Spanish history and culture. The city boasts seven national monuments and a beautiful old town filled with stunning architecture.

Orihuela Cathedral is one of the must-see spots in the city. Dating back to the 13th century, it showcases stunning Gothic and Baroque architecture. A short car ride away, you´ll find the Palmeral of Elche, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest palm grove in Europe. Only a 40-minute drive from Orihuela, it's a truly unique sight to behold.

If you are a nature lover, the Natural Park of Sierra de Orihuela, just a 15-minute car drive from the city centre, offers picturesque landscapes and a host of outdoor activities. Equally enchanting is the coastline of Orihuela, boasting beautiful beaches, clear waters and a variety of seafront dining options, all within a 25-minute car journey from the city.

Happy Customer Reviews


Orihuela – 19-12-2023. What a fantastic car rental experience in Orihuela!. This company is so warm and friendly. Their prices were super competitive, and every single member of the staff seemed eager to make our experience as easy as possible. I'm 68 years old and even for me, the technology aspect was incredibly intuitive!


Orihuela – 04-11-2023. Bonjour! I wanted to rent a car to explore the beautiful surroundings of Orihuela and I wasn´t disappointed. The entire renting process was incredibly smooth and the pricing was very fair. Appreciate the professionalism.


Orihuela – 23-09-2023. I planned a road trip to visit the gorgeous Orihuela beaches, nature parks and they provided me a neat car at a competitive price. The rental process was easy, particularly their online interactions. Highly recommended for anyone visiting Orihuela!


Orihuela – 17-07-2023. As an international student, low budget but quality is a top priority. I found this agency that delivered just that! Affordable but the service didn´t compromise. The employees helped me understand and break down the payment process.


Orihuela – 30-05-2023. I've been coming to Orihuela on business for years. This car rental company offers excellent customer service. Their rates are far better than most other companies in the area. It's always a pleasure doing business with them.


Orihuela – 02-03-2023. Genuine and honest service! I am very particular about the cars I rent and they always ensure that my needs are met. Great budget-friendly prices that are well worth it. They are my go-to for car rental in Orihuela.

Orihuela Road Connections

Discovering key routes from Orihuela

  1. Orihuela - Alicante: About 57km away with approx 45 minutes drive on AP-7; good road conditions, with stunning coastline views.
  2. Orihuela - Benidorm: Around 97km and approx 1 hour 10 minutes drive mainly on AP-7; known for its smooth roads and scenic landscapes.
  3. Orihuela - Murcia: Approximately 50km and 35 minutes drive via A-7; A well-maintained motorway, close to River Segura.
  4. Orihuela - Elche: About 45km distance and 40 minutes drive on A-7; Good roads, offering views of Palmeral of Elche.
  5. Orihuela - Cartagena: Around 70km and a 1-hour drive on AP-7; A major route passing through lovely coastal towns.
  6. Orihuela - Torrevieja: Approximately 25km and 30 minutes drive on CV-95; A smooth road providing nice landscapes views.
  7. Orihuela - Granada: Roughly 250km and a 3-hour drive on A-91; A long journey showcasing stunning Andalusia region.

Orihuela's Top Attractions

Unforgettable landmarks to explore by car

  1. Cathedral of Orihuela: An stately gothic church with a brilliant baroque organ.
  2. Semana Santa Museum: Houses artifacts and robes from the city's notable Holy Week processions.
  3. Casa Museo Miguel Hernández: Childhood home of famous Spanish poet Miguel Hernández.
  4. Orihuela Castle: Historic fortress with panoramic views of the city.
  5. Santuario de la Santísima Virgen de Monserrate: 19th-century sanctuary dedicated to the city's patroness.
  6. Museo Diocesano de Arte Sacro: Exhibits impressive collection of sacred art.
  7. Río Segura: Take a peaceful stroll down this beautiful river near the city.
  8. The Palmeral of Elche: Just a short car ride away, visit the largest palm grove in Europe.

Best Orihuela Roadtrips

Explore Spain with these

  1. Orihuela to Caravaca de la Cruz: A scenic 78km roadtrip, passing through the natural Parks of Sierra Espuna and El Valle.
  2. Orihuela to Santa Pola : 60km coastal ride, enroute experience the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.
  3. Orihuela to Alicante: A short 57km drive to enjoy Alicante's castle, old town, port and beach.
  4. Orihuela to Valencia: An impressive 200km ride through the Spanish cost. You can stop off at the beautiful towns of Benidorm, Altea and Denia.
  5. Orihuela to Murcia: A rural 60km journey to discover Murcia's Baroque architecture and delicious tapas.
  6. Orihuela to Cartagena: Head 85km south for Roman history, a harbor walk, and fresh seafood.
  7. Orihuela to Sierra Espuña: A nature-filled road trip 100km towards the green landscapes, wildlife, and stunning hiking trails of Sierra Espuña.


Driving in Orihuela

A Comprehensive Guide

1. Which side of the road do people drive on in Orihuela?

As in the rest of Spain, in Orihuela, cars are driven on the right-hand side of the road.

2. What are the speed limits in Orihuela?

The general speed limit within city areas is 50km/h, whilst on motorways it's commonly 120km/h. However, it's crucial to always look for posted signs, as speed limits can change.

3. Do I need a Spanish driving license to drive in Orihuela?

No, as long as you possess a valid driving license from a European Union country, you can drive in Orihuela. Conversely, drivers from outside the EU might require an International Driving Permit.

4. Are there many toll roads around Orihuela?

Yes, electronic toll roads are commonly used in Spain, therefore it's recommended to have a means to pay. Prices can vary.

5. Are there different driving rules in Orihuela that I should be aware of?

Driving laws in Orihuela are standard to the rest of Spain. Notably, drivers are required to yield for pedestrians, and no right on red law is enforced.

6. Is heavy traffic common in Orihuela?

Like most cities, Orihuela can have rush hour traffic, particularly in the mornings and evenings during the weekdays. Plan accordingly.

7. Are speed cameras common in Orihuela?

Yes, speeding is strictly enforced by traffic cameras throughout Orihuela and the rest of Spain.

8. What are the rules regarding child safety in a car?

Children under 135cm tall must sit in a child restraint system suitable to their size and weight, and preferably, should sit in the back seat.

9. Is it mandatory to carry specific items in the car while driving in Orihuela?

Yes, you must have a reflective vest and two warning triangles in the car at all times.

10. Are roundabouts common in Orihuela?

Yes, there are many roundabouts in Orihuela. Vehicles already on the roundabout have right of way, and remember to signal when exiting.

11. Is it necessary to carry your driving license with you while travelling?

Yes, drivers are required to carry a valid driving license, identification, car insurance documents and vehicle ownership or rental papers.

12. Are there any restrictions on car parking in Orihuela?

In city regions, parking can be restricted or require payment. Always look for signs indicating parking rules.

13. When are the times of day to avoid driving due to traffic congestion?

Generally, morning rush hours from 7 a.m to 9 a.m and evening rush hours from 5 p.m to 7 p.m are the busiest times. When possible, it's recommended to plan your journey outside these times.

14. Are there specific traffic regulations for car overtaking?

In Spain, overtaking is generally done on the left side. It is illegal to overtake on the right, unless signaled to do so.

15. Are headlights compulsory to be on at all times?

It's not necessary to have headlights on throughout the day, but they are a requirement in tunnels, at night, or during poor visibility conditions. Daytime running lights are, however, recommended for safety.

Orihuela Car Rental

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Orihuela?

The cost of renting a car in Orihuela largely depends on the type and model of the car chosen, the rental company, and the duration of the rental. Prices can start from 20 Euros per day for a basic car.

2. Which car model is the most popular to rent in Orihuela?

Compact cars or small SUVs are often the most sought after rental vehicles in Orihuela. Given its city size and road infrastructure, these types of cars make getting around easier.

3. What are the popular locations to rent a car in Orihuela?

Most people tend to rent a car at primary points of access, such as Murcia International Airport, Alicante International Airport or the Orihuela train station.

4. Is 24-hour pickup and drop-off service available?

Yes, most car rental services in Orihuela offer 24-hour pickup and drop-off services.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, the minimum car rental duration is usually one day (24 hours).

6. What is the minimum age required to rent a car in Orihuela?

Most car rental companies in Orihuela require drivers to be at least 21 years old, although this might vary depending on the car category.

7. What documents are needed to rent or drive a car in Orihuela?

To rent a car in Orihuela, you will need a valid driver's license, passport or ID, and a credit or debit card.

8. What is the best time of the year to visit Orihuela by car?

The best time to visit Orihuela by car is from April to October, giving you a chance to enjoy the spectacular local beaches and the famous local festivals.

9. What are the main airports in Orihuela?

The main airports near Orihuela are Murcia International Airport and Alicante International Airport.

10. Can I pick up the car in Orihuela and drop it off in a different city?

Yes, most car rental companies offer one-way rentals where you can pick up the car in Orihuela and return it in a different city, although this may incur an additional fee.