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Experience exceptional customer service with our car hire company in Adeje. We strive to provide top-notch services, catering to all your specific needs. Visit stunning tourist destinations like Siam Park or the beaches of Costa Adeje with our reliable cars. Our passionate team is always ready to exceed your expectations, making your journey in this unique region hassle-free.

Car Rental in Adeje

Journey through Adeje´s Unrivaled Landscapes and Rich Heritage

City car on Adeje's cobblestoned streets with palm trees

The destination of Adeje, located on the sun-soaked island of Tenerife, offers an enchanting blend of natural beauty, rich history, and enticing coastal charm. The town boasts several stunning beaches, including Playa del Duque and Playa de Fanabe, offering paradisiacal settings to unwind or enjoy water sports. A stone's throw away lies the magnificent Caldera del Rey, a natural monument steeped in volcanic wonderment, making Adeje a top-notch pick for nature enthusiasts.

Adeje also prides itself on its rich heritage, encapsulated within its beautiful landmarks. The Historical Casa Fuerte is a must-visit, offering immersive insight into Adeje's past. As you steer your car towards the charming old town, the quaint streets dotted with traditional Canary-style houses, add to the immersive cultural experience. Here, the Church of Santa Úrsula, one of the oldest and most iconic landmarks on the island, awaits exploration.

To make the most of what Adeje and its surroundings have to offer, a car journey is highly recommended. With a car, the awe-inspiring Teide National Park is just an hour's drive away. As you delve into the park, Spain's highest peak, Mount Teide, unfolds before your eyes, culminating the journey with a truly majestic spectacle. The picturesque village of Masca, nestled amidst verdant mountains, is another must-visit spot within a comfortable driving distance. This charming enclave, with its breathtaking vista and tranquil ambiance, makes for a perfect day-trip from Adeje.

Car Rental in Adeje

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Adeje?

The cost of renting a car in Adeje varies based on the type of car, duration of rental, time of the year, and the rental company. On average, you can expect to pay between EUR30 to EUR60 per day for a standard car.

2. What car model is most popular to rent in Adeje and why?

The most commonly rented car in Adeje is a compact car like a Volkswagen Golf. Due to Adeje's narrow and sometimes steep roads, smaller cars are more practical and easier to maneuver. Furthermore, they're more economical on fuel, making them a cost-effective choice for tourists.

3. What are the popular locations to rent a car in Adeje?

Popular locations for car rental in Adeje include Tenerife South Airport and the city center. Several rental companies have offices in these locations for the convenience of customers.

4. Is there a 24 hour pickup and drop off service?

Yes, most car rental companies in Adeje offer 24-hour pickup and drop off services, although this may incur an additional fee.

5. What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum car rental period is typically one day (24 hours). However, this can vary depending on the rental company's policies.

6. What is the minimum age requirement to rent a car in Adeje?

The minimum age requirement to rent a car in Adeje is usually 21 years, although some rental companies may require drivers to be at least 23 or 25 years old. An additional fee may apply for drivers under a certain age.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a car in Adeje?

To rent a car in Adeje, you will need a valid driver's license, credit card, and proof of insurance. Non-EU residents may also require an International Driving Permit.

8. What is the best time of the year to visit Adeje by car?

The best time to visit Adeje by car is during the spring (April-June) and autumn (September-November) months. These periods offer pleasant weather and fewer tourists, making driving and sightseeing more enjoyable.

9. What are the main airports in Adeje?

The main airports near Adeje are Tenerife North Airport and Tenerife South Airport. Both airports have car rental services available.

10. Can I pick up the car in Adeje and drop it off in another city?

Yes, most car rental companies in Adeje offer the option to pick up the car in Adeje and drop it off in another city. However, this service may come with an additional fee and should be arranged at the time of booking.

Car Rental Reviews


Adeje – 19-12-2023. I was skeptic at first, but by the end of the car renting process, I must say that I had an entirely satisfying experience. The car I rented was in perfect shape, and the rates were surprisingly affordable. The customer service was top-notch, and the staff was polite and helpful. I'm definitely going to use their services again when I visit Adeje.


Adeje – 25-11-2023. I rented a car from this place last November. The whole process was straightforward and hassle-free. This company certainly gives value for money. Impressed by the car's clean and well-maintained condition. The ride was comfortable and the scenery at Adeje was breathtaking. This experience has absolutely left me satisfied.


Adeje – 18-09-2023. What a wonderful experience! This car rental company in Adeje certainly knows how to treat their customers. I found the price to be quite reasonable, and the car was in great condition, which made my trip even more enjoyable. The staff was courteous and professional. I'll most certainly be back!


Adeje – 02-07-2023. Loved the service provided by this car rental company. From the online booking to the car pick up everything went smooth. The rates are sensible and the vehicles are clean and well-maintained. And of course, driving around beautiful Adeje is always a plus. Great job, guys!


Adeje – 25-05-2023. Excellent car rental service. Competitive pricing, superior customer service, and high-quality vehicles. I wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone visiting Adeje. The entire process was a breeze.


Adeje – 19-04-2023. Without a doubt, the best car rental experience I've ever had. Customer service is top-notch, and the car was clean, reliable, and reasonably priced. Made getting around Adeje a breeze. Will be using their service in the future.

Road Connections from Adeje

Essential Travel Information for Tourists Renting a Car

  1. Adeje - Santa Cruz de Tenerife: 80km journey that takes approximately 1 hour via the TF-1 Highway, a well-maintained, modern route with splendid views of the ocean.
  2. Adeje - Puerto de la Cruz: 110km route requiring around 1 hour and 20 minutes. The most popular way is via the TF-1 and TF-5, both highways are in good condition.
  3. Adeje - El Medano: This 20km trip takes about 20 minutes quite conveniently via the TF-1 with a scenic view of the coastline.
  4. Adeje - Masca: A shorter 36km journey that will take about 1 hour due to winding roads on the TF-436. Alma picturesque route offering mountainous landscape.
  5. Adeje - El Teide: Distance of 47km, expect around an hour for this journey via the TF-21. A mountainous, winding road requiring caution.
  6. Adeje - Arona: A short 9km journey that typically takes about 15 minutes via the TF-28 and TF-51. A smooth journey surrounded by a natural landscape.
  7. Adeje - San Juan: 15km route taking around 20 minutes via the TF-47, a coastal route with beautiful sea views.

Driving in Adeje

Frequently Asked Questions

1. In which side of the road do we drive in Adeje?

In Adeje, as well as the rest of Spain, you should drive on the right-hand side of the road.

2. What are the speed limits?

In urban areas, the speed limit is generally 50 km/h. On country roads, it's normally 90 km/h, and on the highway, it can go up to 120 km/h.

3. Is an international driver's license needed to drive in Adeje?

If you're from the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, you can use your home country driving license. Other nationalities will need an international driver's license along with their standard license to be able to drive in Spain.

4. Is there a radar system for speed control in Adeje?

Yes, there is a radar system as well as mobile speed cameras used across the country to enforce speed limits.

5. Are there any specific driving rules I should be aware of?

Standard international driving rules apply, such as giving right of way to drivers from your right at intersections, not crossing continuous white lines, and so on.

6. How are traffic situations in Adeje?

Traffic in Adeje is generally manageable, although it can get busier during rush hours and holiday periods.

7. Is Adeje a pedestrian friendly city?

Adeje is largely pedestrian-friendly, with ample sidewalks and pedestrian crossings.

8. Is it easy to park a car in Adeje?

Adeje has both street parking and several car parks. However, it can get crowded during peak times.

9. Are there toll roads in and around Adeje?

While there are toll roads in Spain, there are none in the Canary Islands where Adeje is situated.

10. What should I do in case of a car accident?

If you're involved in an accident, ensure everyone's safety, notify the authorities, and contact your car rental company immediately.

11. Is it required to have specific documents while driving?

Always carry your driver's license, car registration documents, and car insurance papers while driving.

12. Are child car seats required in Adeje?

Yes, children under the age of 12 or smaller than 135 cm must have a suitable child car seat.

13. Are there traffic rules specifically for motorcycles?

Motorcycles must adhere to the same rules as cars but also have additional restrictions, such as not riding in the bus lane.

14. How to deal with roundabouts in Adeje?

At roundabouts, vehicles inside the roundabout have right of way. Always signal before exiting.

15. What are the rules for cars on highways?

On highways, always keep to the right and only use the left for overtaking. Indicate before changing lanes. Also, remember that the speed limit is usually 120 km/h.

Explore Adeje

Must-Visit Attractions

  1. Siam Park: Lauded as the best water park globally, Siam Park offers diverse water-based attractions.
  2. Barranco del Infierno: A picturesque hiking route with waterfalls, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.
  3. Aqualand Costa Adeje: An excellent family-friendly water park with diverse attractions and a dolphinarium.
  4. La Caleta National Park: A coastal beauty spot known for its natural beauty and biodiversity.
  5. Playa de La Enramada: A stunning natural beach known for its tranquillity and unique volcanic sand.
  6. Casa Fuerte de Adeje: A historic landmark showcasing Adeje's rich past and culture.
  7. Golf Costa Adeje: A premium golf course offering panoramic views of the sea and surrounding areas.
  8. Plaza del Duque Shopping Center: A high-end shopping center offering a wide range of shops and restaurants.

Top Roadtrips from Adeje

Explore Tenerife by Car

  1. Tenerife's Beach Route: A 150km round-trip through the beautiful beaches of Los Gigantes, Las Americas and El Médano. A perfect blend of nature and relaxing spots.
  2. Mount Teide Route: Explore the beauty of Teide National Park, driving 90km from Adeje, enjoying volcanic landscapes, unique treks and a cable car experience to Mount Teide.
  3. Northern Route: Venture north on a 100km drive to visit the historic town of La Orotava, the stunning views of Garachico, and the vibrant streets of Puerto de la Cruz.
  4. La Gomera Day-Trip: Take a ferry from Los Cristianos (13km from Adeje) and drive around La Gomera with its unique landscapes and the Garajonay National Park in a 40km route.
  5. Anaga Biosphere Reserve: Enjoy the biodiversity of the Anaga mountains on a 130km round-trip, starting from Adeje, passing by La Laguna and exploring unique villiages as Taganana.
  6. Masca Valley Route: Get lost in the stunning Masca Valley, a 70km drive full of breath-taking views, steep cliffs and charming rural villages.
  7. Whale & Dolphin Watching Route: Drive 15km to Los Cristianos and board on a tour to see dolphins and whales up close. A great complement to your roadtrip.